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How to Recover a Suspended Facebook Account?

by ityug247
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Facebook has become an integral part of our lives; people start their day by sending good morning messages on Facebook and end their day with it only. But what if one day you are not able to access your Facebook account? It will be terrible for daily Facebook users and they will keep on wondering why is my Facebook account restricted?

In this blog, we are here to help people who are not able to access their Facebook account as it was restricted or suspended by Facebook. We have done some research and then prepared these steps which will help you recover your Facebook account which has been disabled by Facebook. The users only need to have a close look at the steps and execute them properly avoiding any mistakes. 

Steps to recover suspended account on Facebook – 

  1. For the first step, the users have to make sure that Facebook has disabled their accounts. To check this you can try to login into your account using your username and password; if you see a message saying ‘your account has been disabled then it is confirmed that your account has been disabled by Facebook. 
  2. Now, you have to go to This is the appeal form of Facebook that you are going to use to ‘recover my Facebook account. In the form, you need to fill in some details which have been asked from the users like their email address or their phone number. Make sure that you enter the email address or the phone number which is associated with the Facebook account you are trying to recover. 
  3. Enter your full name in the respective field and your full name must match your name on your Facebook account. In case, you are not using your real name then you need to explain the reason to Facebook in the Facebook disabled account appeal form. 
  4. In this step, you are supposed to upload a picture of your ID to confirm your identity. Your ID can be anything like your driving license, birth certificate, learner’s permit, immigration card, tribal identification or status card, official name change paperwork, passport, identity card or any other document which proves your identity. 
  5. You have to take picture of your ID and then transfer the picture to your computer and then go to choose files and select the pictures of your ID to upload b just clicking on open. 
  6. Now you have to explain your situation to Facebook and explain to them that you are dealing with ‘temporarily suspends account us’ and you are not able to access your Facebook account. 
  7. Also, tell Facebook that you have violated no rules and regulations of Facebook, and then hit the send button to submit the form. 
  8. If Facebook asks for more information then you need to upload it as well. 
  9. Wait till Facebook contacts you regarding this and gives you access to your account back so that you can use it again without any issues.

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