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How to Promote an Instagram Blog

by Tech Peak

You can have a beautifully designed Instagram account with all the new features, but this will not help you if you do not use additional promotion methods. Today we will talk about how you can achieve popularity on this social network.

Promotion strategy

The most important thing in the development of a blog is its promotion. However, if you use all possible methods at the same time, you risk losing your budget quickly and not reaching the desired result.

For this reason, we recommend that you only use a proven method. You should buy Instagram followers on a specialized website in order to quickly get the required number of audience. After that, you can start working hard on creating content and make sure that new viewers stay with you for a long time.

It should be understood that many methods do not work, but only take money from those who want to develop their blog. For example, if you try to cooperate with large creators in the early stages of work, most likely you will not be able to achieve the result you need. The audience of popular bloggers rarely subscribes to newcomers.

Content plan

No matter how trite it may sound, all areas of your life need to be planned. Many hope that they will be able to post without a clear plan and that it is easy enough. However, on enthusiasm you can hold out for a week or two, and then it will be necessary to invent something every day in a hurry and thoughts will not visit your head.

In order to avoid interruptions and burnouts, you need to make a publishing plan and follow it. Of course, you will have some posts based on breaking news, but you need to have a reserve that you can always use.

Breaks negatively affect the development of the blog. When you buy Instagram followers cheap, you need to regularly please a new audience in order to convince them to stay with you. If you use effective blog development techniques but then quit your work for weeks or months due to lack of ideas and time, you will lose your viewers.

Ask friends to share your profile

If you are just starting your blogging career, then most likely you do not know where to find the first audience. We are talking about the first tens of subscribers. You can ask your friends and relatives to share a link to your profile or some posts with their acquaintances. This will allow you to gain the first few dozen viewers.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends about it, and don’t think of it as something intrusive. As a rule, people are really happy to help someone and take part in their friend’s work. Moreover, in the future you can also help these people if they need something.


Blog promotion is a complex process consisting of many actions. We recommend that you carefully analyze your account statistics and choose methods that really benefit you.

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