How to obtain WPC Certificate in India

WPC ETA License

WPC Certificate is a mandatory authorization issued for the purpose of importing wireless products in India. The Wireless Planning Commission, the body that issues this certificate, only does so after you’ve taken all the right steps to obtain it.

The need of wireless products in India has increases. And considering that we are still dipping our toes into their manufacturing, we still are pretty much relying on foreign companies and countries to for wireless products. If you’re an importer, there is a lot of money to be made in selling these products. However, in order to import these products in India, the WPC has to see if they are working at a non-interfering frequency. That’s where ETA certificate India comes in.

What is ETA Certificate for import?

It’s an Equipment Type Approval given to the product that the importer wants to importer. The Wireless planning commission provides this approval after checking the product’s operating radio frequency.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the process of obtaining ETA License in India. Follow along if you wish to start a business importing and selling wireless products in the country.

Procedure to obtain ETA Certificate in India?

Following are the steps that must be followed by the applicant to obtain ETA Certificate search:

  • Find out whether certification is needed: If you’re an Indian manufacturer of wireless products with the facility in India, you don’t need to obtain ETA certificate. Another instance in which you enjoy ETA certificate exemption is if your product is working at an approved frequency. Thus, you first need to find out whether or not you need the approval. To help you with that, you can follow the steps related to ETA certificate search.
  • Appoint an Authorized Indian Representative: You can’t expect to obtain the certificate without the aid of ETA certificate consultants. Moreover, you need the letter from the foreign exporting company to authorize the consultant to file the application on their behalf. In other words, you need to appoint an Authorized Indian Representative.
  • Get the RF test report of the product from an independent lab: Once you’ve hired an AIR, you need to get your wireless product tested at an independent lab. Get the test report of the radio frequency on which the product operates and attach the said report with the rest of the necessary documents.
  • Put together the necessary documents for WPC Certificate: Following are the documents required for ETA license in India:
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Test report
    • MOA and AOA
    • Free sale certificate
    • AIR authorization letter
    • Product specimen
    • DD of the license fee
  • File the application online: File the online application of ETA certification
  • Submit the documents offline: Submit the documents and the specimen of the product to the WPC wing in your state.

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The process is obtaining WPC certificate is pretty straightforward. But, if you’re still confused about the whole deal, feel free to reach out to Registrationwala. We will tackle any issues that you might face pertaining to ETA license.


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