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How to Move Mailbox from Office 365 to Office 365? Step By Step Procedure

by mohitjha
How to Move Mailbox from Office 365 to Office 365 Step By Step Procedure

Summary: Explore the modern way, with step by step procedure to migrate email from Office 365 to Office 365. In this article, we will explain to you the easiest and reliable way to execute the same operation without facing any technicalities.

Performing data transfer operations in O365 isn’t as easy as it looks. We have to analyze the requirements; we have to do proper planning before migrating email data. And find out the best software to move email from Office 365 to Office 365.

Automated solution (professional software) is the only way to do so as Microsoft doesn’t provide any way to do this task. Microsoft also suggests users opt for some reliable professional software to migrate mail and other data from O365 to O365.

Before jumping into the step by step solution let’s have a glance at the user’s query that we found:

Query –

“In our organization, we operate and manage two Office, 365 tenants. I am working as an Office 365 admin, so it is quite complicated to manage multiple users’ accounts of two tenants. So, I need a solution to transfer the data of these Office 365 tenants.

But, due to the unavailability of the method to migrate mailbox from Office 365 to Office 365, this task becomes quite complicated for me. So, please suggest me a direct solution by which I can easily perform this migration task.”

Solution –

To perform this operation, we have to migrate emails and other data items from one O365 to another because that’s the only approach. So to overcome this situation you have to opt for automated software like Office 365 Email Migration Tool.

This is brilliant software for all your migration needs. It can transfer emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and documents without any data loss. Moreover, it maintains 100% data integrity and hierarchy at the post-migration stage.

How to Migrate Email from Office 365 to Office 365?

As we know, the automated solution is only the way to accomplish this task. In this section. We will learn how you can move mails from Office 365 to Office 365 with this tool, what pre-requisites of this tool are, and what we have to do before migration.

The tool is trusted and effective to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, documents from Office 365 to Office 365. On-premise migration is one of the most beneficial features of this tool and it migrates data on your end.

Highlighted Features of This Software are Given Below –

  • Migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and documents from Office 365 account to Office 365 account.
  • Date-based filter option to migrate only selective data from Office 365 to Office 365.
  • Option to migrate documents permission.
  • Provides options for source and destination users mapping to move data between users.
  • Allows migrating data within the same or different Office 365 tenant.
  • Support data migration of the Office 365 domain.
  • Account-based priority migration option.
  • Three options to re-run the migration.
  • Support concurrent Office 365 migration.

Pre-Requisites of the Software to Migrate Mail from Office 365 to Office 365

Get to know the system requirements of this tool before running it on your machine

Source & destination Admin users should be created, valid activation code requires, enable API permission from Microsoft Azure.

Now, you have to go through some necessary steps before starting the migration with this tool.

You would love to know the step-by-step guide to perform tenant migration in Office 365. Follow this linked article to know more.

What do we have to do before Migrating Email Office 365 to Office 365?

Before starting the migration with this tool, we have to assign application impersonation privilege and allow the application to perform the migration tasks. And then, we have to create a project from Microsoft Azure, generate an Application ID, and allow permissions to do this task.

After that, we have to generate an activation code to start the migration to do this task.

Follow the Steps to Move Email from O365 to O365

After downloading and installing the software, follow the given steps to move emails, contacts, calendars, and documents from Office 365 to Office 365.

Step 1. On the main screen, select Office 365 as the source and destination migration platform and check which items (email, contact, calendar, and document) you want to migrate.

Step 2. Enable use of Group Mapping, Migrate document permission. If you need to migrate selective data then, you can apply the Date filter.

Step 3. Therefore, login into the source and destination tenant with Admin email ID, Application ID, and click Validate to validate the permissions to migrate email from Office 365 to Office 365.

Step 4. Now, import the CSV mapping file to create a mapping between source and destination Office 365.

Step 5. Validate Source and destination permissions by clicking on Validate. After validating permissions, click on the Start Migration.

Step 6. The data migration process will start, it will take a few minutes to migrate the entire data.

Bringing It All Together

The unavailability of the manual method makes this migration process more difficult. However, in this write-up, we have provided you with a direct and easy solution to migrate email from Office 365 to Office 365. To successfully perform this task, you have to follow all the above-given steps carefully.

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