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How to Move Duplicate Outlook Items to Deleted Items Folder?

by Elle Stephen

This is a very easy way to delete or move duplicate Outlook items to deleted items folder. However, this method can take a long time if you have a lot of things to back up, such as emails, phone calls, contacts, etc.

Well, if you have duplicate items in Outlook and want to delete them, in this blog we will talk about how to delete Outlook items to the Deleted Items folder. Therefore read on to learn about the process.

As we know PST file is a file type that stores all the data of Microsoft Outlook mailbox. But one of the disadvantages of PST files is that they run out quickly. If the PST file is too large, you will face many performance problems such as missing emails and attachments, Outlook program crashing, sending and receiving emails incorrectly, etc.

As mentioned above, moving duplicates is an important step if you want to save large files from your PST mailbox, based on duplicate Outlook items such as emails, calendars, contacts, notes, notebooks, etc. represent the largest in the mailbox size. wrong mailbox. Competitors not only take up more disk space in your PST file, but also affect the overall performance, and over time you may lose important emails and attachments due to the PST file.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind duplicate emails, how to stop receiving duplicate emails in Outlook and how to easily transfer duplicate Outlook to deleted folder. If you are an Outlook user and looking for an easy solution to this problem, then this article will help you.

As a user, what should we do to delete Microsoft Outlook PST files? Let’s think about it. But before we find a solution, let’s see what is the main reason for similar items in MS Outlook Account inbox

Why Move Duplicate Outlook Items to Deleted Items Folder?

We know that Outlook keeps a copy of each client and sometimes the import/export process can create these duplicate files. However, overlapping items in Outlook can cause many problems. Some of them are listed below.

  • Equivalent terms can be confusing for users.
  • Duplicate files can be used in many places.
  • Managing recurring content is very difficult.
  • When backing up Outlook, it will be difficult to manage the location.

Dealing with duplicates is always a difficult task, so removing duplicates in Outlook is very important. If you want to recover deleted emails from an OST file for free, read this blog. Here are some ways to delete duplicate emails in Outlook.

Causes of Duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook Account

In this section, we will discuss some of the reasons that cause duplicate PST files. Perhaps the following reasons can help you keep an eye on it. If a user uses multiple accounts in Outlook and the accounts are created incorrectly, synchronization problems occur, but incoming data causes duplicate emails. Misprocessing multiple files can cause duplicate data and increase the size of your PST file. If the Save emails to server option is turned on, there may be duplicate emails in the PST file.

Manual Method to Move Duplicate Outlook Items to Deleted Items Folder

If you are looking for a way to remove duplicates from Outlook mailbox to deleted Items folder, this section will show you how to remove duplicates from Outlook to deleted Items folder for free.

Remove duplicates from Outlook PST Files With Cleaner Tool

You can use the Microsoft Cleaner Tool to remove duplicate files from Microsoft Outlook to the Deleted Items folder.

  • So first of all,  open MS Outlook Profile
  • Then, on the ribbon, press the button to expand the cleaning tool
  • The three options that appear when you unzip it are Delete Conversations, Delete Folders, and Delete Folders and Subfolders
  • Choose the option to clean folders and subfolders
  • A dialog will appear asking if you want to delete or cancel
  • Just select the option to clean the folder
  • To access the Deleted Items folder, select Settings
  • After clicking the Settings button, the Outlook Settings window will appear. Select Browse from the menu
  • Select the deleted item and click OK
  • To remove duplicates from PST files in Outlook, select Clean Folder after making all selections.

Limitations of Manual Methods

  • This is time consuming and difficult.
  • Must have skills.
  • Inefficient processing entails the risk of data loss.
  • Risk of escape.

Instant Solution to Move Duplicate Outlook Items to Deleted Items Folder

If you don’t want to waste time on manual methods and are looking for an effective and hassle-free technique to remove duplicates from Outlook mailbox to Deleted Items folder, try Outlook Duplicate Remover Software. It is one of the most reliable, efficient and reliable solutions that can remove duplicate Outlook PST, OST and BAK files. It also has various filter options and can maintain meta-attributes and folder hierarchy of data files. This tool allows users to delete duplicate emails in Outlook. You can use this tool to delete common items such as emails, notes, directories, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. from all folders in Microsoft Outlook account .

You can use this application to remove similar items from Microsoft Outlook email clients. This tool supports ANSI and Unicode PST. You can complete this task in a few easy steps. The utility’s algorithm preserves the original structure during operation. No data is lost and you always get the correct results. The user interface of the program is very minimal, efficient and very simple. It provides the best results without compromising the user experience. No technical knowledge is required to operate the utility.

  • Find and delete duplicate items in different folders.
  • Upload multiple Outlook Data items files at once
  • Protects all attachments during the duplication process
  • It maintains the folder hierarchy in reverse order
  • The software provides a simple user interface

You Can Use Free Demo Version

The software has many built-in features that help simplify the process. The utility also comes with a free Trail Edition. With the trial version of the program, you can remove the first 15 duplicates of each folder.

Few Easy Working Steps of the Software are as follows:

  • First you need to Download, Run and install the application on your System

Download Outlook Duplicates Remover

  • Now click Add File or Add Folder to add the PST file

Add Outlook data files

  • Select the first radio button to remove duplicates in Folder and between folders. Then click the Next button

Select Folders

  • After adding the Outlook data file, you will be able to view all the folders in it. After that, you can simply select and deselect folders

select and deselect folders

  • Now, Pick the destination option to select the desired destination location to save the result files

click the destination option

  • Check the box provided in the “Select Item Type” section to remove duplicate data from emails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks and notes

Select Item Type

  • To remove duplicate Outlook items to the Deleted Items folder, select Move to Deleted Items from the Select Folder

duplicate Outlook items

  • After completed all the process, Pick the “Next” button to start the deduplication process

start the task

  • click “OK” when the process is complete.

Completed process

In Conclusion

This article explains how the same inbox irritates us. move duplicate Outlook items to deleted items folder Manually or using automatic tools. We have found that the manual process can be a bit cumbersome and not suitable for non-technical people. Although electronic equipment is not required in advance.

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