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How to Merge PST Files in MS Outlook 2019

by Michael Waller

Summary: Are you dealing with older versions of MS Outlook? Do you want to merge the ANSI version of PST files? If yes, you have come to the right place. Whether or not, you are dealing with ANSI or Unicode PST file data clutter issue, the article shares some valuable solutions to merge PST files.

MS Outlook is one of the most popular platforms for Windows users. The tool is capable of managing not only emails but also contacts, journals, and events. Data management becomes so easy with MS Outlook. Over time, MS Outlook has been improved its features. Now, the PST Unicode version can store up to 50 GB of data. It means users have enough scope to store data and avoid data clutter issues.

Versions launched in and after 2003 support Unicode file extension while earlier version supports ANSI versions. If you want to merge ANSI version PST files, solutions are available to deal with. The article shares manual and automated merging solutions to get rid of unnecessary file collection. Users have two options. They can choose either manual or automated merging solutions.

Query of Users 

On various forum websites, users are sharing the problems they are facing while merging PST files. Some are interested to learn the easy process to merge PST files and some want to know any manual process to merge PST files without losing the file quality. Let’s find a common query to understand what users want to learn.

“We have a small business unit operating on IT businesses. For email management, we use MS Outlook. We have been using the tool for more than 7 years. We have some ANSI files that we want to merge with Unicode PST files. Is there any solution to merge MS Outlook PST files?”

 Manual Merge Process of PST Files

The manual process you are going to learn is workable with the latest versions of MS Outlook only.

 Step 1: Develop a New PST File

Below are the steps to follow-

  • Go to MS Outlook window, hit the New Items tab and press More Items from the menu and then Outlook Data File

  • Give the new file a name and set the location
  • Click on OK

Step 2: Merging of PST Files into a New PST File

Now, look for the next process to merge multiple PST files

Open MS Outlook and go to the File menu, then the Open tab and then Import

  • It will open the Import-Export wizard, choose the, the Import from another program or file from the list
  • Hit the Next button
  • From the new wizard, choose the Outlook Data File (.pst)from the list and press the Next tab

  • Click on the “Browse” menu to transfer the targeted PST files

Note: To get rid of duplicated items, don’t forget to check the Do not import duplicates box.

  • Press the Next button and select the file

  • Don’t forget to check mark the Subfolder option and then Import items into the same folder box
  • In the end, press the Finish button

How do you find the manual process? Is it simple to proceed? Yes, it is. But there is the problem that it can merge single PST file at a time. You have to repeat the process to merge next PST files. Thus, it is a time-consuming process.

Taking Help of a Professional Tool to Merge PST Files

How about taking help from a professional program to merge PST files? Manually, users can merge two, three, ten, or a maximum of one hundred PST files because of time consumption. Therefore, the best solution is to use a merge program.

Luckily, users have several options to choose a merge tool for MS Outlook because MS Outlook is one of the most popular email clients. As a wise user, selecting an automated program considering the rating and review is necessary.

Softaken PST Merge Pro is one of the best applications to install on your Windows system. The tool has received excellent ratings and positive reviews from users. It is a reliable program to run on your Windows system. Here are some incredible features of the application to learn before getting its license.

PST Merger is a simple utility to merge multiple PST files in one go. It can merge two, three, and more PST files together. Unlike the manual merge solution, the process of merging with the help of the application is not tiring and time-consuming. Users can merge multiple PST files at once.

The tool is compatible to merge ANSI and Unicode versions of PST files. Moreover, it is a Windows-specific tool to operate on Windows 10, 7, and other older versions of the OS. Users can consider the application to merge PST files of MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

It is an independent utility that can merge PST files without MS Outlook. Users don’t need to pre-install MS Outlook and other applications to run the program. The basic requirement is the activation of Windows.

The tool gives options to merge PST files in similar folders or to create separate folders of each PST file. Hence, users have options to choose the best mode of merging data.

The advanced application can merge encrypted and non-encrypted PST files. For encrypted PST files, provide the correct password in its preview pane.

Customization of merging is the special attraction of the application. It supports more than five different merging options to choose the merge process according to your requirements. Users can merge only contacts, journals, messages, or emails. Hence, the tool is able to give the desired merge results.

The license of the utility is available for everyone who is looking for an easy solution to merge PST files. The tool has three suitable licensed versions- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. The Individual version is the cheapest one with the same features that the Business and the Enterprise Versions boast, but it supports up to two systems.


What have you decided now? Which solution do you find suitable for merging? The best is to try an automated merging tool to make the merging operation easy. Take your decision wisely to make the merge process convenient.



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