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How to Merge Outlook PST Data Files and Remove Duplicates?

by Michael Waller

In this blog, we will learn about the merging of the Outlook PST files. Let us have a look at the merging process. Also, we will discuss both the manual as well as the professional method to merge the Outlook PST files. Now, learn about the process of merging.

Manual merging of the PST files

For manually merging the Outlook PST files users do have to follow the below-provided steps:

Step 1: Create a new blank PST

  • To create a new blank PST, follow these steps:
  • In the Outlook window, click New Items -> More Items -> Outlook Data File
  • Select a location to save a new blank PST and name it
  • Click OK

Step 2: Merge PST files to a newly created blank. PST file

  • To merge PST files into a new file created above, follow these steps:
  • In the Outlook window, click File -> Open -> Import
  • This will open the Import-Extract Assistant. Select Import to another program or file
  • Click Next
  • Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) file type to import
  • Click Next
  • Click Browse to find the file to be imported
  • Check the Do Not Submit Duplicates box
  • Click Next
  • Select which folder you want to import
  • Check the Insert subfolders and Import items into the same folder in the boxes
  • Click Finish

Would you like to follow the manual method?

Users face many limitations when merging Outlook PST files manually. The reasons for not using the manual method are as follows:

  • Users encounter failures when merging files
  • Requires technical support
  • No reliable graphical user interface provided
  • Files are not kept secure

A convenient way for users to select the advanced Merge PST application and merge Outlook PST files.

Professional method to merge the Outlook PST files

Here are the steps for merging all your Outlook PST files. Let’s look at these steps more closely:

  • Install the PST Merger tool in your Windows OS


  • Introduce the app
  • Add any number of Outlook PST files you want to merge
  • Preview all of your PST files
  • Browse the location of the merged file
  • Finally click on the “Merge Now” button.

These are the steps for an easy merging of the Outlook PST files without any trouble. Screenshots of these steps are also discussed by the app.

About the app

Users can now easily and smoothly merge any number of Outlook PST files with this amazing Softaken Merge PST pro application. The application has been tested by a variety of highly qualified professionals. Also, the tool removes the duplicates from the added PST file. This amazing PST merge makes it easy and efficient for users to merge Outlook PST files. This application helps users perform useful application merges. Non-disability users can get satisfactory results every time they select the Outlook PST file to merge. This application is an independent tool available to all users. In addition, because it is a highly compatible application, users can use this tool on any Windows operating system, from old to new. With full security, all Outlook PST files will be merged by this tool. Before merging Outlook files, the application scans the files thoroughly, so files with corrupted data will not be merged by this tool. The app provides a nice graphical user interface so users can complete the merge task without any technical support. Therefore, even novice users can use this wonderful application without any technical guidance.

Why select this tool?

This software provides several features that allow users to merge Outlook data files. These features are:

  • This PST Merger tool merges the files that contain emails, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks, and journals.
  • Option to create a new folder for connected PST files.
  • Merge similar folders into one.
  • Various merge options: to new PST, existing PST, or Outlook profile.
  • Without even Outlook, users are able to merge their Outlook files.
  • The duplicity of the Outlook emails, notes, calendars, contacts, etc. is removed.
  • Supports merging of PST files and duplicity is removed.


We will learn about the merging of the Outlook PST files. Merging the pst data files is easy while using the advanced software Outlook PST merger. Also, the manual procedure is lengthy and the steps are also difficult to be followed by any user. It will be convenient for the users to use the PST Merger tool.



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