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How to Keep Photos Secret in Android?

by sophiakaile49
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We click a lot of photos on the go and receive a lot of photos and media that we can’t delete and can’t show to someone else. We always wish that we can hide it from prying eyes and even if someone gets hold of our phone, he can’t gain access to those photos. Our top-secret photos can be hidden in a secured vault and nobody can check out our hidden camera pictures. There are a few manual methods that you can try and at the end of the article, you’ll explore the best way to keep photos secret. Let’s start with the manual methods to hide photos on Android devices.

Google Photos Archive

A lot of users are not even aware of Google Photos and its intuitive features. Google Photos is a wonderful platform and a part of Google Apps to allow us to store around 15 GB of photos and media for FREE. You can quickly hide your photos from the Photo Album with the Google Photos Archive option. The option is not to hide your photos but to quickly move your photos from the main album to an archive folder.

Step 1. Tap on the Google folder and open the Google Photos app.

Step 2. Tap on the Photos album at the bottom left.

Step 3. Tap and hold the first photo to enable the select option.

Step 4. Tap on other photos to select the one that you wish to archive.

Step 5. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top right to populate the menu options.

Step 6. Tap on the Move to Archive option from the menu to move the photos to an Archive folder. It will show notify you that the photos are archived.

Access Archived Photos: If you wish to go to the Archived folder you can tap on Go to Archive button. You can also tap on the ‘Library’ option at the bottom right and then tap on the ‘Archive’ button on the top left to open your archived folder.

Hide Photos in Secure Folder

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S Series smartphone, you can hide photos in a Secure Folder. Samsung S series offers you this intuitive feature to create a secure folder and hide your confidential stuff in the folder.

Create Secure Folder

Follow these steps to create a Secure Folder on your Samsung device.

Step 1. Open the Setting console and tap on Biometrics and Security option.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on the Secure Folder option.

Step 3. Tap on the Agree button to continue creating a secure folder and follow the wizard. There will be multiple options and configuration settings as they should appear in the app section, lock automatically when the screen turns off, ways to access it, lock/unlock options and more.

Step 4. You can configure it to lock automatically once the screen turns off and unlock it with the fingerprint.

Move Photos to Secure Folder

These steps will help you move your photos to the secured folder.

Step 1. Open your photo gallery to find photos that need to be hidden.

Step 2. Tap and hold to select the first photo and continue tapping to select more.

Step 3. Tap on the three vertical dots to explore more options.

Step 4. Tap on the ‘Move to Secure Folder’ option to move your photos and videos to the secured folder. These photos will not be visible in the Gallery.

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Use Keep Photos Secret App

These security features are only limited to some smartphone devices. If you are not using the updated version of Android, you may not be able to get access to these hidden settings. In such a scenario, you can make use of the best app to keep photos secret. The secret images are only accessible with your fingerprints and all the hidden camera pictures are removed from the gallery.

Keep Photos Secret: Hide Gallery Pictures Videos

Designed By: Systweak Software

Required OS: Android 4.1 or later

Released/Updated: 12 Jul 2021

Current Version:

Size: 8.4 MB

Price: FREE

Download Link: Get it Here

Keep Photos Secret is one of the best apps to take care of your top-secret pictures. You can easily hide your private photos and videos from anyone who gets hold of your device. The easy-to-use console helps you to transfer photos and videos in the secured vault and lock them with a password. You can easily protect the secret images, private photos, family photos, videos and more.

  • Create different photo albums within the app for segregation
  • Easy password recovery option with your linked email address
  • Easy import/export options for photos and videos from your gallery
  • Your photos and videos are secure even if you forget your password
  • Use fingerprint unlock option for easy and swift lock and unlock process
  • Stealth mode disappears your app from recent apps and makes it untraceable
  • Protect the entire app and secure your folders or albums with double layer password
  • Media is secured on the device itself without uploading on the Cloud space
  • Slideshow photos within the app without getting them back in the gallery
  • Watch videos within the app itself without installing any third-party app
  • Easy to use interface and user-friendly app to secure your photos
  • Create unlimited photo albums, save unlimited photos & videos
  • Email or share photos direct from the Keep Photos Secret app

It’s an easy-to-use platform to keep photos secret in android and manage your hidden camera pictures. You can also watch this video on How to Use Keep Photos Secret app like a pro!


There are different ways to secure your private photos and keep photos secret on Android though it depends on the device and the Android version you are using. Keep Photos Secret app is compatible with all android devices and versions to secure your photos and videos. Keep it secure!

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