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How to Improve Your Website as a Designer

by mahasin100
How to Improve Your Website as a Designer

The purpose of a website is mainly to either promote something or gain popularity by providing users with an official platform for any particular person or business. Having a well-designed website speaks volumes about what you’re trying to promote, along with how invested you are. A sloppily made website will make the laziness apparent. Which will most likely end up having the opposite impact of what you’re trying to achieve through your website. This is why it is extremely important for any designer to make sure that a Website as a Designer is the absolute best it can be, because not only will it tell viewers about the owner, but also the designer.

Mobile Friendly

A phone is something nearly everyone has on them at all times. So for someone to be able to reach your website through their phone whenever and wherever they want is very convenient. A lot of people click on certain links on their phone that may lead them to a website. It can be very disappointing when they find that the website is not compatible with phones. Having a Website as a Designer that compatible with all devices will also help increase the traffic on it, since a lot more people will be able to visit it with ease.

Easy to Navigate

If someone visits your website and finds it to be very confusing, with random information all over the place and no directions regarding what to do or where to go. They might click off immediately. Make sure your website is one that people can easily navigate through, so that even if someone is impatient or on a time crunch. They do not need to sit and try to figure out how exactly things work before doing whatever they came to do there. This is a huge factor is your website’s success, and is a very important part of how it is designed.

Basic Design Rules

When deciding the design of anything, there are certain rules you must follow. These rules are related to factors like the shape, color and size of any elements in your composition. It can make any design look much more appealing visually. The color palette of the website you design needs to go with the theme of whatever it will be displaying, or it might look very odd. Same goes for how things are placed, where all the different tabs are, etc. These aspects of your Website as a Designer will determine its aesthetic, which might attract even more people to it.

Page Speed

As mentioned already, a lot of people who might be surfing the internet can be impatient. This is why it is important that you make sure your website caters to their needs and each webpage loads as quickly as possible. Without making visitors wait minutes for just one page to load. This is also something that could quickly make them lose interest in your website and your overall business. So always consider this when designing a website.


A website can be about anything, from a clothing brand to a service provider displaying cable and internet bundles. Regardless of what it aims to promote. It needs to have a beautiful, user friendly design that will not only attract people to visit it. But will also be fully functional so that you can easily display all relevant information. Have a website that is definitely worth visiting.

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