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How to Improve On-Page SEO using FAQPage Schema

by vishnujaipur
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What is FAQPage Schema-

The Code you put on your site tells search engines that the content is arranged in a question and answer format is known as “Schema“. When the content is labeled accurately, it indicates that these pages can be eligible for rich snippets in search results and can be seen in Google searches. But, it is not guaranteed that using schema can surely display your markup in search results.

Nowadays it has been noticed that voice search is increasingly getting popular as people want faster and easier ways of obtaining answers to their questions. If FAQ content on your web page is written appropriately it can drive web traffic to your website. And for this you can take the help of Digital Marketing Agency Jaipur Various e-commerce portals have succeeded in content marketing using this super-amazing FAQPage Schema.

Tricks to increase organic traffic by using FAQPage Schema-

  • Gather relevant FAQs
  • Firstly you need to list down the right questions to teach your online clients about your services or products for creating the demand. 
  • Now collect all concerning client’s queries and feedback to make a list of questions you have answers for. Once it’s completed, give it a shot of SEO flair!
  • While writing content for your website, make it efficient. If your content contains the appropriate non-branded keywords that your clients are using to find information online, it would be helpful for search engines to discover your site. Keyword research is required to find what exactly customers are looking for that is related to your business. When it is done, create a list of short and long-tailed keywords and start including them in your main content. And use those keywords in your FAQ page’s content.
  • Add structured data 

To make your FAQ page SEO friendly add structured data into it so that it can be more appealing in the SERP. With the increase in click-through rate, your website can pull ahead of your competitors. Recently Google has added support for structured FAQs in search in Google Assistant so that if you execute structured data on your FAQ page you will be qualified to display questions and answers direct on Google Search and Assistant. 

  • Make your FAQ Page navigation friendly

Until your potential customers are not able to navigate this to users, the written questions section will fail to make the desired impact. Therefore it is important to give this section a structure that eases to develop customer satisfaction, loyalty, and SEO for the entire website.

The right navigation structure will assist them to click based on scientific knowledge to get the right answer to their questions. FAQ Search and the general search option of the website are different. It would be more beneficial if questions are divided into categories and informative headings are used as subcategories such as delivery, sizing, features, and other related details.

  • Make your FAQ Page size Manageable 

To make your FAQ page size manageable, decrease it by listing only those questions and links that can bring readers to the answers. It is a fabulous technique for SEO goals because it will push web traffic to many pages on your side, and your page views will expand. As Google measures determine how relevant your content is by such techniques. Make sure your SEO-friendly URLs are FAQ so that customers can land directly on your page for accurate answers, that will help raise trust in the searcher. Popular social media sites can be a good medium to spread words regarding your FAQ page.

  • Keep a close check on analytics

After making your FAQ page it begins with the analytics of your website to inquire if the page is generating traffic and ranking for valuable keyword phrases. It is important to check how much and for how long your FAQ page is visited and know where people don’t go after viewing your FAQ page and several such questions as this will provide a good database to create the desired changes on your FAQ section. Take the help of expert web analytics to increase your ranking on Google so that you can properly view your FAQ pages and other web pages within your site.

How FAQ Schema is important for On-Page SEO / benefits of FAQ Schema-

Implementing a strategy to recognize and answer common questions around your target keywords can give a variety of advantages to your SEO campaign, such as:

  • Enhancing organic ranking by better user intent and providing necessary context on the page.
  • Achieving great outcomes by leveraging structured data.
  • It can show your depth of expertise on the given subject to search engines.
  • FAQ Schema helps to improve On-Page SEO by giving opportunities to rise UGC (user-generated content) throughout your site.
  • To establish trust among businesses and potential customers FAQ Schema is quite beneficial for On-Page SEO.
  • It enhances your capacity for scroll to text highlighting.
  • A well-written and structured FAQ Schema can increase your conversion rates by enhancing the user’s experience on your site. 


A FAQ page should be well organized because it will provide you much more useful information in many ways that might help to raise the ranking of your website. It is necessary to decrease the purchasing doubts and worry of your clients. A well-prepared FAQ page can decrease this load on your support team. Educate your team while creating the list of FAQ questions and improve product and service quality on the go and consult from a specialist digital marketing company.

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