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How to Hire a Developer for a Startup in 6 Easy Steps?

by jackkhan

Regardless of the type of business or services you provide, you need a developer to develop and manage your mobile application and software. Having a developer to back you to make your business digitalized or online, you can get better results.

But the efficiency of the developer decides the quality of the online application for your business. So, you need to choose the best one to hand over the precious responsibility.

If you are facing trouble or get confused about how to hire the best developer, then this blog can help you. So, jump to the upcoming parts one by one to get a better vision of how to hire a developer.

How to Find The Best Developer?

A person who develops software or mobile application can be identified as a Developer. Programmer, Software engineer, and Coder are other few names to denote developers. Whatever the need of a developer comes to a business when it plans to digitalize its service.

To find the best developer, you need to know what is the best place to find them, how to validate a developer, how to prepare yourself before the hiring process, and others.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Developers 

Here are the six things to note before hire mobile developer to onboard the best programmer to do app development.

Define the Purpose of Hiring a Developer

The developer is a common term to denote all kinds of programmers. So, you need to specify the kind of developer to reach the right developer. Let’s check the kind of developers first.

  • Web Developers – They are the programmers who can create, design, and support you to manage
  • Mobile App Developers – As the name suggests, this kind of developer can create, design, and manage a mobile application for your business.
  • Software Developers – Unlike the aforementioned type of developers, the computer programmers/ software developers can
  • Game Developers-  This kind of developer can write code to function a video game or in-app games for loyalty programs.

In each type of developing stream, we can separate the developers into three groups.

  1. Front-end Developer – Specialized in creating UI.
  2. Back-end Developer – Top-performers in making UX.
  3. Full-stack Developer – They can do and have experience in both.

So, before start hiring a developer, you need to define the purpose of hiring to focus on the specified type of developers.

Having a Budget Plan

After that, you need to decide how much you can spend to avail such a developer. It is one of the important paces in hiring developers. If you have allotted a small piece amount, then you have the possibility to onboard a developer without any experience. They can support you in very rare cases and need to be trained.

If it is considerable for you, then you can go with that. But if you need a senior/ experienced developer, then you should be ready to provide some more money for that.

Scale Developers with KIPs

The KPI abbreviated as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value to determine the success or failure of various campaigns. In developers, the KPI can be redefined as the values to determine the efficiency of a developer.

Here are the six KPIs for a developer.

  • Able to create a stable code,
  • The code they write should be testable,
  • Efficiency on rewrites their code in a short time (Code Churn),
  • Write simple and effective codes,
  • Able to do knowledge sharing,
  • Supportive and team management skills.

When hiring a developer, you should analyze whether the developer has these six KIPs with them.

Project Timeline

In simple words, the project timeline is a canvas of deliverables of a certain project through which you can analyze the programmer’s feasible planning skills in the development process. When a developer can work with a feasible project timeline, he/ she can complete the project before the completion date.

Post-Development Support 

The post-development support is often referred to as post-release support in the mobile app development industry. Ensure that the developer can provide support to you after the launch of the application. It includes the following services.

  1. Application Enhancement – Upgrade your application to include additional features.
  2. Troubleshooting – It is the process of weed out the technical problems in the app.
  3. Application Migration – Support migrating the application legacy from one location to another.
  4. Scheduled Maintenance- Maintain and suggest new up-gradation available to be sustained for the future

These are the basic and significant support from the developer to keep your application stable to use for the customers. So, ensure the developer’s ability to do these things while hiring.

How to Find? Where to Find?

Last but not least, where your find such skillful developers is a more important point.  You can hire a fresher if your need supports only from that developer, or you can hire a freelancer. But after the completion of the task, you couldn’t expect post-development support from them.

You can also recruit an experienced developer, but it cost you high every month. As there are many options you may be confused. Let me give you a solution.

Consider Outsourcing To Get Better Results

In my point of view, tie-up with a reliable third party to outsource the developers to develop your mobile application or software or others. By doing this, you will get highly experienced developers who can complete a project soon and have the potential to create a new method of approach to develop a tech solution.

When compared to the cost of hiring experienced developers for years to do a single project, the cost of outsourcing the developers is low. At the same time, you can sign an agreement to get post-development support for the minimum amount or free depending on the firm. That means all your needs can be fulfilled with a single solution.

Summing Up

Hiring the best developer for your startup can be easy when you keep these six tips in your mind. Know the purpose, budget for hiring the developer, and skill set of the developer first.

Then ensure they are capable and reliable to provide sufficient support after the app development project. By choosing to get outsourcing from other third parties, you can reduce the difficulties in the hiring process of developers.

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