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How to Grow Your Free Views and YouTube Subscribers on a Budget

by narang.sunil

YouTube is a great platform to grow your channel and reach an audience. With over 1 billion users watching more than 9 billion videos every day, there’s no better place to showcase your content. However, growing your channel on YouTube can be expensive.

If you don’t have much budget and cannot buy YouTube subs and advertising or want a free way to grow your channel, you should consider running some cost-effective niche experiments.

These experiments won’t cost you anything but may take time out of your day. Some may even seem like a waste of time, but we think they can work as long-term strategies for growing your channel and subscriber base on a budget.

These tips should help you find ways to grow your subscribers and views at no cost.

Create and publish content regularly

Like any other marketing strategy, the more you put out there, the more the audience will consume. When you’re first starting out, you want to focus on creating content that is interesting and will captivate your audience.

Instead of creating one video every two weeks, try creating one video every day. Even if it is just a two-minute video, create content that is valuable to your audience. This will help you build a strong relationship with your subscribers and build your channel.

While creating regularly is important, it’s equally important to publish high-quality content. You don’t want to produce low-quality videos, or you’ll end up with low views. You also don’t want to bore your audience to death so they stop watching your videos.

The importance of YouTube views

According to Justin, there are two reasons for a YouTube creator to post videos: viewer satisfaction and the platform’s algorithm.

For this reason, it is very important for a user to always watch a video in its entirety, from start to finish: a trick could be to provide an offer or promotion when the content is finished . Perhaps it is not known to many but when a video on YouTube is only half seen, the platform interprets it as negative content which will then be penalized in the search and suggested results.

In the same way, don’t bore the viewer : instead of forcing a user to watch five videos to get what they need, make sure you provide it all in one, in a succinct and practical way, to be sure they will not give up. socket. As if to say: it is better to guarantee a video viewed in full than 5 in half .

Remember that YouTube, unlike other platforms, is not aimed at those with a low level of attention, quite the contrary. With YouTube we talk about minutes, not seconds: it is therefore appropriate to think in these terms … time.

Use a video creator platform for publishing

All the videos you create are useless if you don’t get them out there. One of the best ways to get your videos and content out there is by using a video creator platform.

These platforms allow you to create, publish, and monetize videos on a single platform. You can choose from a wide range of services, such as Camtasia and Adobe XD.

These services let you create videos, record and edit them, publish them to your channel, and monetize them. Many services also let you collaborate with other channels, allowing you to grow your network and reach an even larger audience.

Run ads on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Google

One of the best ways to grow your channel is to run ads on other platforms. YouTube and Google AdSense are free, but you can use them to run ads on other platforms.

This is how some people think about paid channels to get more and free views – by selling your views on external websites. You can also use Facebook Audience Network to run ads on Facebook.

You can also use other video-publishing services like Vuu7, Blurry, and Vimeo to run ads on other platforms. This is an effective and cost-effective way to grow your channel. You can also try other paid channels like Instagram Ads or Snapchat Ads to boost your reach.

Find an influencer or run a campaign to grow your YouTube subscriber base

With the help of an influencer, you can reach a larger audience than you would on your own. You can also use paid channels like MediaBrix to find suitable influencers and run campaigns to grow your subscriber base, or you can use free channels like Instagram and YouTube.

Find an influencer who is interested in your niche or who shares the same interests as your fans. Send them a message on social media, send them an email, or find them on Google or Instagram.

You can message an influencer to see if they are interested in collaborating with you or if they are willing or able to boost your channel. You can also run a campaign on Instagram to grow your subscriber base.

You can create a giveaway, host a live video, create a challenge, or create a challenge with other channels.

Don’t forget about user-generated content (UGC) efforts

UGC is a great way to grow your channel and get views without spending money. UGC is basically videos created by your fans.

You can use services like Sumo to find and manage UGC videos on your channel and use the revenue from ads to purchase more shares. UGC is a great way to build a relationship with your fans and gain their trust.

Once you’ve built these relationships, you can ask your fans to contribute to your channel in other ways, like creating videos or hosting live streams. UGC is also a great way to get backlinks.

A lot of people don’t know that UGC pages can rank for keywords and get backlinks from Google so you can use them to create high-quality UGC and rank for popular keywords.

Keep your YouTube channel updated and respond to comments and feedback

The best way to keep your channel updated and engaged is to respond to comments and feedback on your videos. You can do this on YouTube, but it’s also a good idea to respond on your social media accounts.

By responding to comments and feedback, you can show your audience that you care about their opinions and experiences. You can also use this opportunity to show your audience what you’re working on and what type of content you want to create.

You can also use this method to keep your channel updated. You can let your audience know what you’re working on, let them know when your next video is coming out, or let them know what else you have planned.


YouTube can be a great place to grow your channel and build an audience. However, it can also be expensive to run ads, which is why you need to find other ways to grow your channel without spending money.

These tips should help you find ways to grow your subscribers and views at no cost. While you can’t afford to buy YouTube subscribers and expensive ads, you can use free channels and content to grow your audience and boost your views.

And when you’re growing your channel. It’s important to keep your content updated, respond to comments, and engage with your fans.

By doing these things, you can grow your channel on a budget and reach an even larger audience.

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