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How to get star rating for your laptop

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Bee Certification

Nowadays, your product will only be considered worthy if people seeing it as an investment. Products like laptop now not only have to be powerful, but also have to energy efficient. Thus, it’s mandatory for you to obtain BEE certification for it before you can put it on the shelves to be sold.

BEE certification is the mandatory registration of your electrical appliance under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It rates your appliance with a star rating based on its power consumption.

In this article, you’ll know about the exact steps to follow to obtain star rating for your laptop.

Get BEE certification for your company’s brand

Before you can obtain star rating for a laptop’s model, you must register your brand under the provisions of BEE. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the office Bureau of Energy Efficiency portal.
  2. Register as a new user
  3. Login and you’ll be directed to a dashboard.
  4. Once at the dashboard, you’ll see an option to fill the application form for brand registration
  5. Duly select it and proceed filling it properly
  6. Once you’ve filled the details of your brand, you’ll receive a request to upload the required documents. They are as follows:
    • Trademark certificate of your laptop brand
    • Details of the manufacturing facility where you produce your laptops
    • BIS certificate of the laptop
    • Quality Management Certificate of the manufacturing facility
    • Small Scale Industry certificate (of your business falls under SSI – it reduces the brand registration cost)
  7. After you fill the application form, the Bureau will assess it and get back to you with a response. If it’s positive, that would mean your brand is now registered.

Getting star rating for the laptop

Once your brand has been given an entry in the bureau, it’s your model’s turn to obtain the star rating. The process is as follows:

  1. Go back to the portal
  2. Login and go to your dashboard
  3. On the left hand side, you’ll see a new option open called “BEE model registration”
  4. Select it and start entering the details of the laptop model for which you want star rating.
  5. Once you’ve entered pertaining to a particular laptop model, you’ll see another option to add more models. Do so with the knowledge that you’d need to pay INR 2000 per model.
  6. After submitting the application, download it’s printout.
  7. Send the printout with the sample of the laptop and the physical copies of the following documents to the BEE:
    1. Cover letter in which you’ll specify the reason you need BEE registration.
    2. Energy efficiency test report that you’ve obtained for your laptop from an NABL accredited lab
    3. Declaration letter
    4. Agreement that you’re going to sign with the BEE.

After receiving the model, BEE will test it in-house for energy efficiency. If the product follows all the regulatory requirements, you’ll receive an appropriate energy rating for your product.


Getting a star rating for a laptop isn’t an easy task. However, we have simplified it as much as we can for you through this blog. For further details, consult with Registrationwala.


In this article, you’ll know about how to get star rating for your laptop. If you come across any information  that you find confusing, consult with Registrationwala.


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