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How to Get Netflix on Discounted Price Legally

by johnpeter

Netflix is the world’s largest internet television network, and has been around for more than 20 years. Its success can be attributed to its ability to provide quality content that people are interested in watching. In recent years, Netflix has also started to offer a student discount on their subscriptions. With this article, we’ll show you how you can get Netflix at a discounted price legally!

Way 1: Sign up for Netflix with a friend and share the account

The first step you need to take is signup on netflix official website.  You will need to complete the registration form, which includes your email address and password. Make sure that you sign up with a friend as this can help you get Netflix at a discounted price legally! The next step is to share Netflix account details with your friends by creating an account for them online or physically giving them access (by sending their login information

Way 2: Get Netflix through your mobile phone provider

If you are still looking for ways to get Netflix on a discounted price legally, the second way we recommend is through your mobile phone provider.  Many companies offer a bundled package of TV+, broadband and telephone plans with fixed charges during an 18-month contract at a cheap price. As well as this, they sometimes also give free or highly discounted food.

Way 3: Use Promo Codes

The third way which you can use to get Netflix at a discounted price legally is by using promo codes. This option has been getting a lot of attention in the last few months, as many people have said that signing up with one of these companies saves them hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. If you search on google about the netflix promo codes or netflix student discount then you will get lots of promo codes.

Way 4: Use Trial Version For Free

The fourth way which you can use to get Netflix on discounted price legally is by downloading the trial version for free. The company provides a 30-day trial, where users are able to cancel their subscription at any time within that period if they’re not satisfied with the service and don’t want to continue using it.

Way 5: Use Gift Cards in Purchasing of Netflix Account

The fifth way to get Netflix at a discounted price is by using gift cards in purchasing the account. The company offers a special promotional code, which you can use in order to sign up for their service.


If you want a Netflix account with a discounted price then the tips mentioned above will definitely help you. Never think the discounted prices will affect the netflix net worth. Even netflix itself offers promo codes and gift cards for the regular netflix users. So if you don’t have high budget for the netflix purchasing then don’t worry you can go for the discounted deals, or you can go for any method which is mentioned above in this blog. If you have any query regarding any method let us know in comment.

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