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How to Get Location of Android Phone

by Natalia
How to Get Location of Android Phone

Android phones become quite popular these days. However, these smartphones are prone to lost like any other portable device. The good news is that there are many ways that you can use to find your lost cell phone. Android Operating System features certain built-in location tracking utilities. Apart from these, you can also use third party applications to locate your Android phone. Just make sure that your smartphone GPS is on, and you have granted the location tracking app permission to access this information.  

Having said this, let’s explore some of the viable methods to track your Android phone. 

Track a cell phone location by number 

Many people dream of the capability to find my device location by phone number. The sad news is that it is not possible as for now. As there is no app available that can help you in locating your mobile phone. Still, you will find various apps on the Google Play Store that claim to do so. These all apps are fake and fraud. 

The only effective way to locate your Android phone location is to install a tracking app onto your mobile device and then using it.  

How to find lost cell phone 

First things first, preparation is the key. No one want to lose the mobile phone. But somehow, it happens. So, the first thing that you can do to avoid your Android phone getting lost is to turn on the ability to track it. You can track your Android smartphones using Google Find My Device app. 

Track your OPPO phone/Android phone via Google Find My Device 

If you have displaced or lost your OPPO mobile, let’s say OPPO Find X5, OPPO Reno7 or any other Android phone, you can track it by using Google Find My Device app.  

Requirements to track Android phone 

There are some requirements that you must fulfil before going towards the Find My Device application. Firstly, make sure that your Android phone is connected with the same Google account that you are going to use with the app. Secondly, make sure that your phone GPS and mobile data is turned on. Thirdly, your mobile phone should be connected with a contact number so that it can be used to make your Android phone ring through the account.  

How to turn on Google Find My Device app 

After fulfilling the prior requirements, now it’s time to enable the Find My Device app on your Android phone. To enable the Find My Device app 

  1. Go to the Settings.  
  2. Select Passwords & security and tap on Privacy.  
  3. Locate Find My Device tab and turn the slider on 

You have just turned on the Find My Device app on your Android phone. Next step is to locate your phone via this application. 

Get location of your Android mobile through Find My Device  

Whenever you lost your mobile phone, just perform the following steps to track your device. 

  1. Open the Find my Device app after downloading it from the Play Store 
  2. Sign in on the app with your same Google account as connected on the lost phone.  
  3. Go to the website address “” by typing it in in the search bar of your phone browser.  
  4. On the map, you will see the approximate location of your smartphone. In case your phone cannot be found, the app will show you the available last known location. 

 On the map page, you are noticing three options. 

  1. Play sound: If you want to find your device, you can tap on this option. It will direct your lost mobile phone to ring, even if it is on silent or vibrate mode. 
  2. Secure device: This option permits you to leave anyone who finds your phone a recovery message or a phone number where you can be reached. 
  3. Erase device: It allow you to remotely erase the data on the lost device to protect your critical information. 

The Bottom Line 

Misplacing your phone is quite a frantic experience since your smartphone is carrying your crucial data. However, Google Find My Device app allow you to smoothly track your Android phone in a matter of few minutes. Follow the above-described tips to locate your phone, and subsequently getting a sigh of relief as well. 

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