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How to Fix The iPhone Black Screen & Why Does It Happen?

by madalinesimonis
How to Fix The iPhone Black Screen & Why Does It Happen

From time to time, every iPhone user asks, “why does my iPhone have a black screen?

So, what should you do if this problem occurs?

A big problem occurs when you won’t be able to use your iPhone in this scenario. You can’t even answer someone’s calls, but you can still hear your phone ringing. Most often users face this black screen problem when they update their iPhones.

Your iPhone screen goes black for many reasons. The most common cause of iPhone black screen is hardware damage due to improper screen replacement. Other reasons could be water damage, iPhone dropping, jailbreak, system crash, or other iPhone software modifications. In such a scenario, an iPhone repair technician can save you and restore back all deleted data if any unforeseen situation happened. They don’t even charge high repair costs. For instance, the cost of iPhone repair in Singapore varies from store to store. All you have to do is – get the quote and know in detail about their services.

There may be other causes of the iPhone black screen, which are listed in this article along with solutions.

Let’s find out in detail!

Table of Content

Reasons for iPhone Black Screen

  • Hardware Failure
  • Software Failure
  • Battery Problem

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen?

  • Perform Hard Reset to Fix iPhone Black Screen
  • Charge the Battery
  • Visit the Apple store
  • Restore iPhone to Fix iPhone Black Screen

Wrapping Up!

Reasons for iPhone Black Screen

Before you figure out the solution to get rid of the iPhone black screen problem, you need to get a general understanding of the possible causes of this problem.

Hardware Failure

Sometimes a black screen appears on the iPhone after a drop of water or other accidents. This is because the internal hardware on the iPhone is damaged. Sometimes it can be a broken screen or any other component that is causing this problem. Therefore, be careful when using the device to prevent accidents.

Software Failure

Damage or obsolescence may affect the functionality of the device and may result in unpredictable black screens. Update the software periodically to avoid installing any inappropriate software.

Battery Problem

If the battery is old or takes too long to charge, it’s prone to overheating and power problems, which can also cause the iPhone to go black. Typically, users can put the iPhone into recovery mode or DFU mode and further exit to fix the black screen problem.

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen?

Perform Hard Reset to Fix iPhone Black Screen

The first method is to perform a hard reset to fix the iPhone black screen. In fact, a hard reboot is similar to rebooting an iPhone. If you don’t know why your iPhone screen is black, you can try this easiest way to resolve the black screen or iPad black screen issue. To perform a hard reset on your device, press and hold the on/off and Home buttons for ten seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After you’ve done this, your iPhone will be completely rebooted. And you can see if your iPhone screen appears or not.

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Charge the Battery

Don’t neglect this method. The battery is actually very important to the phone’s performance. If the iPhone battery is depleted, people won’t see an indicator that they’re charging their phone. Try plugging your phone into a nearby outlet and press the Home button or Power/Sleep button. If the black screen is caused by a low battery, the iPhone screen will light up and the display will show an empty battery icon.

Visit the Apple store

Sometimes, your DIY methods fail to provide reliable and actual results. It’s time to visit your nearly situated Apple stores. The professionals’ technicians who work in such stores are well-trained and proficient enough in resolving the iPhone black screen issues. They can easily tackle and fix technical issues. Even Apple experts can easily identify the cause of your iPhone’s black screen. If the device has problems related to cables, the specialists will easily recognize and reconnect the components for you.

Restore iPhone to Fix iPhone Black Screen

If the first method can’t help you fix the iPhone black screen, you can try restoring your iPhone with iTunes to fix the iPhone black screen. Before restoring your iPhone, you should know that this action will reset your iPhone to factory settings and all iPhone data will be erased. If you don’t want to lose your data, you can back up your iPhone before fixing the iPhone black screen by restoring it. To restore an iPhone, just follow these steps.

  • Download the latest iTunes to your computer and launch it.
  • Attach your iPhone to your computer through a USB cable. iTunes will detect your iPhone and show it in the interface.
  • Click “Summary” in the list on the left and then click “Restore iPhone”.
  • When you see the pop-ups, click “Restore” to confirm your actions. iTunes will then erase your iPhone and download the latest iOS software. Once completed, your iPhone will restart and you can use it.

Wrapping Up!

Now, you’re aware of different methods to fix the problem of the iPhone black screen. Among these, trusting and IT support professionals will lessen your maximum stress and bring your iPhone back to life. However, make sure you’re hiring a highly qualified professional who is well aware of different methods and nuances to restore your device.

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