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How To Fix Duplicate Photos Issue on Windows 10

by shawn malik

Finding a specific file in your computer when there is a lot of junk is a hack of a task that is not only frustrating but also has a negative impact on your PC. Apart from taking up disc space, these files clog up your drive, slow down your PC, and make it far more difficult to find a specific photo.

According to studies, duplicate images account for the majority of all identical files on your smartphone or computer.

These files amass over time for a variety of causes, including multiple downloads of the same file, data backup of the same file, file sharing, and other factors.

It’s not easy to locate and clear these duplicate photo files. It comes with its own set of challenges, such as manually discovering it, which might take a long time if you have thousands of photographs on your computer.

Another option is to use third-party software to remove duplicate photos. In this piece, we’ll go over both processes briefly and recommend various third-party software alternatives.

How to deal with duplicate photos:

1. Manually:

The manual procedure is highly efficient when you only have a few photographs to sort through. With 1000’s of photographs, though, this process becomes incredibly laborious and time-consuming. The manual method is also incredibly simple to use because it only requires you to go through each photograph one by one and save the ones you like while removing the rest. To avoid accumulating more rubbish, make it a practice to go through your photographs once a week or month.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Gather all of the images into a single folder to make it easier to sort through.

Step 2: Open the image in the Photos app, which is the default app in Windows 10.

Step 3: Sort your photographs by clicking on them one by one.

Step 4: Delete any images that are duplicates or of poor quality.

  1. Duplicate photo fixer pro:

Duplicate Photos Fixer has a user-friendly interface and a variety of scanning options. It quickly searches and cleans duplicate and similar photos. To begin sorting your photos, you have to open the application and identify the images. It quickly scans a folder for identical or similar photographs, and you can also delete many copies at once and preview them before deleting, ensuring that you don’t delete anything you’ll regret later. To erase duplicate and similar photos from your Windows 10 PC, follow these steps:

Step 1: To easily discover and eliminate duplicate photographs, download and run Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Duplicate photo fixer pro

Step 2: To delete duplicate images in Windows 10, add folders or photos to the scan list.

delete duplicate images

Step 3: To identify duplicate photos in Windows 10 for the added folder, choose “Scan for Duplicates.”

Step 4: To delete duplicate photos on Windows 10, go to the top of the screen and choose Automark duplicates. After that, uncheck the boxes next to the ones you don’t want to delete.

Step 5: To erase duplicate photographs in Windows 10 for free, select “Delete flagged.”

 After this there will be no image clutter as well as your images will be organized. With Duplicate Photos Fixer, you may eliminate duplicate photos in Windows 10.

Tips to fix duplicate photos:

  1. Avoid creating duplicates.
  2. To keep it clean, go through your photos once in a while, maybe once a week or once a month.
  3. Make a separate folder for all of the photographs so that the system will tell you if there are duplicates.
  4. Duplicates are usually easy to recognize because a number is added as a prefix after each copy, such as xyz.png, xyz.png (1). So find and delete them.
  5. Use a third-party tool to manage and create a photo library on your desktop. When your images are better organized, you’ll be able to easily spot duplicates and terrible photos.
  6. You have the option of storing all of your images on the cloud. When it comes to organizing, scanning, evaluating quality, and detecting duplicates, the cloud is far more efficient. It’s a win-win situation because you can save up desktop space while also avoiding the headache of discovering duplicates.

Why are there duplicate photos on your computer?

According to a 2013 report, 92 percent of respondents admit to storing duplicate data. These data are primarily in the form of films, photos, and files, with photographs and videos accounting for the majority of the data. The mountain of data continues to grow in size over time. These files can build up for a variety of reasons, including data backups of the same file, multiple downloads of the same file, file sharing, and more. To avoid such a predicament, you must be attentive and ensure that you do not collect duplicates in the first place.

Why is it necessary to locate and eliminate photo duplicates?

Having duplicate images on your computer in various locations can be a nightmare. They may accumulate over time, resulting in chaotic albums and galleries. Worse, photo duplicates will consume a significant amount of disc space, lowering the performance of your Windows PC. You can also start having the following problems:

  1. Antivirus and antimalware scans will take much longer.
  2. Photo synchronization across several devices consumes a lot of bandwidth and may take an eternity.
  3. Cloud backup will take a long time to complete, and you will quickly run out of capacity.

Wrapping up: Finding and repairing duplicates can be simple, but it’s a time-consuming and frustrating effort. You never want to be in the scenario of needing to find your birthday photo to publish online but being unable to do so.

That would be a bad way to waste your time.

To avoid this circumstance, simply be mindful and attentive while transferring, downloading, and sharing data. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and let me know if you have a duplicate photo finder that works well for you. Please let us know in the comments section.

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