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How to Fix Avast Won’t Open in Windows 10

by diajones
avast antivirus not working

With users being so active on the internet, everyone is using a bunch of websites and the number of viruses that they are letting in their system is immense. So, naturally to tackle that users go and take on several antiviruses and malware software to work out viruses. Avast is one such antivirus that allows users to tackle viruses easily and has proven to be a great software to work out your computer. This antivirus has proven to be a great choice due to the diligent service that it always manages to provide. However, sometimes Avast antivirus puts the users down and users find themselves in a difficult situation. The users have no idea what to do when avast won’t open and hence they are confused and ask on the internet about what can be done. In this article, we will uncover how users can solve this problem if their Avast antivirus is not working properly. 

Firstly, let’s get into the reasons why users face problems when Avast isn’t working, especially when it’s not working in Windows 10. 

Why is my Avast not working in Windows 10?

In this section, we will discover why avast not opening windows 10. So, all the users who have not been able to use the Avast antivirus and are wondering what should be done so that they can start using the Antivirus again, this section is perfect for you, as a better understanding of the reasons why Avast antivirus isn’t working will help you. 

  • One major reason why this might be happening could be that Windows 10 center is not working with Avast antivirus. This is quite common as the system does not recognize Avast antivirus in Windows 10. 
  • There is another unique thing or error if you may call it, that occurs during the installation of the Avast Antivirus that occurs. It is that the Avast antivirus does not trust in the installing system and hence it might not allow its downloading. 
  • Updated versions of the Avast Antiviruses are required to consistently work in the systems. As the Avast system might not be fully updated, this problem could occur, and also a problem could occur the other way around. Sometimes, when Windows 10 is updated and Avast is still the last seasoned and that combination is not good when it comes to working the antiviruses. 

Fix: Avast antivirus not working in windows 10?

This is the most important part of the article for those users whose avast won’t open windows 10 and still are trying to make ends meet so they can remove their viruses from the computers. Without any further delay let’s understand how can you make your Antivirus work. 

  • If your Avast won’t start then you must go to Start and write in the control panel. Then start Control Panel and then move to Programs. Perhaps choose the Uninstall a program option. Click on the Uninstall_Control_panel and then choose Avast, thereafter click on Repair.
  • If Avast Antivirus doesn’t seem to update, perhaps you must update your antivirus by moving up to the Settings app, then select by choosing the Update & Security. Tap on the Windows Updates from the left side, then tap on the Check for updates option. You must install all the given updates.

If you are running the outdated Windows versions then you may stop the other apps and programs from running appropriately.

  • You can easily incapacitate your firewall or your VPN. Then go on to start and write firewall.

Perhaps, double-click on the Windows Firewall and tap on the options Turn Windows Firewall, the on and off option. There might be times when your Windows firewall might stop you from downloading the newest software updates on your system.

  • Now, you can clean boot your computer immediately. For that, write System Configuration in the box used for searching things, then click on Enter.

In the Services option choose the Hide all Microsoft services check box, therefore tap on Disable all option. Then on the Startup field, choose the Open option. Then disable the startup programs and shut the Task Manager down. Then in the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialogue box, tap on the OK option. Start your PC again and make sure to update Avast.

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