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How to Fix an Incompatible Gmail App File and Get It Working Again?

by Datarecovo

When your Gmail account becomes unusable due to an unknown error, you may have noticed that you get a message from Gmail informing you that Gmail cannot connect to your account because of an incompatibility between your computer and its server software. This error is known as Gmail not responding. The reason for this Gmail issue is related to your Internet Service Provider or ISP. In order to understand why Gmail does not work, you must first know how Gmail works. Here’s how…

Steps to Fix Gmail Attachments Not Working Issues

Method 1: Gmail attachments not responding error You can simply open Gmail on your desktop and use the Gmail app to open all your emails. But if you have attachments such as PDF files or images, opening them in this app won’t work. So in order to work around this Gmail not responding error, follow the next simple steps.

 Method 2: Use a different email account Other than the one you normally use for Gmail, also try to open another email account.

If the Gmail error message still persists, then your problem may lie with Gmail’s file attachments uploaded. To fix the problem, you must make sure that the latest version of Gmail software is installed in your computer. To do this, go to the settings and click on the ‘Apps’ tab. On the right hand side, there is a link for selecting the Gmail app, click on it.

If you see the option to download the latest version of Gmail, download it and install it into your computer. Open the Gmail app, click the settings gear icon and click on the ‘Gmail settings’ icon. Under the ‘Settings’ tab, scroll down to the bottom where it says ‘Apps’ and double-click the option ‘Download Gmail attachments.’

Open up your Gmail and disable the ‘Google Chrome’ feature. By disabling the ‘Google Chrome’ feature, you will prevent the browser from automatically starting when you plug in new files or folders. This is because the file will be upload into your account instead of the default white background, which causes error messages to appear. This can be fix by going to the settings and clicking on ‘Apps’ again.

If the Gmail attachments not working issue still persists after you have disable the ‘Google Chrome’ feature, then your Gmail may have been damage or corrupt. Before trying to fix the Gmail application, use an internet recovery tool to fix the files. Internet recovery tools are programs design to recover files that have been corrupt or lost due to a number of reasons including a virus, a fault of internal storage, or a software fault. You can download these programs from the internet; run them on your computer to fix the Gmail files that are causing them not to function properly. You can also try a manual repair if you have access to the Gmail application’s files; but this is quite risky as it might delete some important files that are essential for Gmail to operate properly.

After using the internet recovery tool to fix the Gmail issue, you should then try resetting the Gmail plug-in. To do this, open the Gmail settings by clicking the gear icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen; then click on settings. Select plug-ins and then click the option ‘Defaults’ then click on the backup button. This will restore the Gmail plug-in settings to their default state.


Finally, if none of the above steps solve the problem of Gmail not opening email attachments correctly, then the last thing you can do is check out the Google Play Store and look for the Google Play Application. This program is specifically made to allow users to upload files from their Gmail account directly into their Android devices. You can either download the Gmail app for the phone from the Google play store app itself; install the free Gmail app from the Android Market app. After installation, you can then use the Gmail app to upload any necessary files from your Gmail account like text documents and images. If you have any other files that you want to upload; just tap the plus sign next to the attachment; choose upload to Gmail then the file will be upload to your phone within seconds.

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