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How to Fix 0x0000003b Error in Windows

by camilasaunder89
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We all love Windows, particularly because of its stable environment where we can easily work, flourish the network and enjoy multiple possibilities within. However, a machine is subjected to multiple errors and problems like Runtime, MBR, etc. So, the question is how to fix 0x0000003b Error and what are the best methods available?

What Is ​​0x0000003b Error?

The error is caused due to either corrupt drivers or drivers which are not correctly configured. Moreover, it could also be due to a series of actions like an outdated software is installed or a particular driver file is corrupted. This may result in computer freezing or there could be a number of system breakdowns in between. Other reasons for the error could be:

  • Corruption of registries..
  • System files are facing damage
  • Computer memory is corrupted
  • Infection of virus or malware
  • Damage of hard disk

Fix Fix 0x0000003b Error: Ways To Resolve

  1. Update All The Drivers Immediately

As we have discussed that the error in Windows is mostly caused by old, outdated or incorrect drivers, it is best to update them all. Now we can’t tell you to open individual drivers and update them one by one. But we can recommend a smart tool called Smart Driver Care for the job.

Smart Driver Care

This tool is one of the best driver updater and has a huge database of drivers which is helpful in managing BSOD and driver related problems. For this follow the methods below:

Step 1: Download and install the tool in your computer.

Step 2: Launch the tool and choose ‘Start Scan Now’ and the tool will automatically find out all the outdated drivers within no time. Moreover, all the problematic drivers will also be detected for improvement.

Scan Now

Step 3: Now you can either choose to update all the drivers by clicking ‘Update All’ or just pick an individual driver for update. (We recommend you to update all the drivers in one go so that all the issues with drivers are detected immediately.)

2. Reimaging Of Windows Operating System

When you want Windows to go back to its original state then you can choose to download a powerful repairing tool called Reimage. Reimage is known to make a smart comparison between the current operating system and the new functioning system. You will yourself notice the change in performance and stability of the system. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the error with Reimage.

Step 1: Download Reimage on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Install it and let it scan the system. Click ‘Yes’ when prompted.

Step 3: As the scanning process is done within a few minutes, Reimage will give you details of the scanning summary.


Step 4: Choose the ‘Start Repair’ button from the right hand side of the screen and this one single click will start repairing your computer.

3. Scan & Check Virus Intrusion

Having a guard at the entrance of your system can be really helpful in keeping a check on your system’s virus attack. Choose to download Systweak Antivirus in your system so that malware, ransomware and viruses stay away from the system.

It even offers real time protection so that instant detection of threats, adware and viruses could be done and safety remained well-maintained. Protecting your system from viruses can fix 0x0000003b to a great extent.

4. Install Hotfix

Microsoft has launched Hotfix for those who are dealing with 0x0000003b error. Those who are on Windows 7 or Windows server 2008 R2 can check out Hotflix easily.

5. If Your RAM Is Faulty

Are you facing frequent system crashes? The reason could be faulty memory. To make a good change, try this method.

  • Launch the Run command by either pressing Windows + R keys at the same time or typing Run in Start.
  • Type mdsched.exe and pick the option ‘Restart Now & Check For Problems’
  • Now the computer would restart and the diagnosis of errors would take place.
  • Change the RAM if the test shows that there is some fault in the RAM.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out the ways to resolve 0x0000003b errors in your computer already and now will be able to cut down all the blue screen errors. We highly recommend you to download and install a good driver updater positively so that the driver corruption doesn’t take place or error shows up again.

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