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How to Download Yahoo Mail to PC? – Learn Updated 2022 Solution

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download yahoo mail to pc

This article explains how to download Yahoo Mail to PC or hard drive. It also discusses Yahoo Mail issues that users tend to move to their hard drives.

Yahoo is the most popular web-based email service. It has many features that users will love. But even though Yahoo has been hacked multiple times over the past decade, the vast majority of people still use it. This is due to a genuine preference for Yahoo web services.

In some cases, users may need to backup Yahoo Mail to hard drive. Different users back up their data for different reasons. Also, Yahoo doesn’t offer top-notch security to users, so it’s recommended to keep a copy on your local computer.

Stick to the article to the end to learn how to download emails from Yahoo to computer. Here you will get the best and successful way to your request.

Why User Need to Backup Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive / Computer?

The Yahoo Mail web service, which has a good user list, has been hacked by various hackers, revealing many Yahoo user information. Also, this can lead to the loss of a lot of data from the user account. To keep Yahoo users’ data safe, backing up their data locally is a very useful method. Here are some points mentioned that show other reasons to download Yahoo Mail to PC or local hard drive.

  • Yahoo Mail servers have been down several times over the past few years. This makes it impossible for many users to use their mail and access email and share them.
  • Users are having trouble logging into their Yahoo account. Sometimes the server doesn’t respond, and sometimes, the email doesn’t show up after logging in.
  • Yahoo Mail sometimes fails to open emails and sometimes fails to open their attachments. Many times users are unable to download Yahoo email attachments and try other ways to do so.
  • Some ransomware attackers obtain users’ Yahoo data and prevent users from recovering it. Yahoo credentials have been abused multiple times by various users in the past, so there is no guarantee it won’t happen again.

The above reasons make users to backup Yahoo mail data locally. But a guy who didn’t know how to download emails from Yahoo to computer got stuck halfway. For those who insist on downloading Yahoo Mail, they will get a program to ensure the results they are searching for.

How to Download Yahoo Mail to PC Professionally?

Yahoo Mail Backup Tool is the best choice to to archive Yahoo emails to computer. It exports Yahoo email messages to hard drive. You can download all Yahoo emails with attachments to various file formats (PST/EML/MBOX/PDF).

Along with this, the software has ability to transfer emails from Yahoo to 200+ another email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Zoho Mail,, Office 365, etc. One can also migrate Yahoo emails to Thunderbird in a direct way. It gives the user complete accurate and fast results every time.

You can download Yahoo email to computer using the following methods.

Quick Steps to Backup Yahoo Emails to Local Drive are;

Step 1. Run the tool, click Open, select Email Accounts and then Add Account.

yahoo backup

Step 2. Enter Yahoo Account Credentials to login.


Step 3. Click export and select desire saving option.

select saving option to download emails from yahoo

Step 4. Finally, click on the Save to download Yahoo Mail to PC.

download yahoo mail to pc


You can also check out the list of best Yahoo Backup Tool 2022 here.

How to Manually Download Emails from Yahoo to Computer?

The configuration method allows you to move your Yahoo mail account to Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Zoho Mail, etc. The most popular email clients are Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. This is because it can also be used in offline mode.

You need to disable two-factor authentication and allow access to “insecure apps” to connect Yahoo Mail to other email clients. You may need to maintain 2-step verification before generating a Yahoo Mail app password and using that password for other email client configurations.

Manual Method Limitations:

The manual method brings a lot of inconvenience to the user, such as:

  1. Users must install a desktop-based email client to perform these steps.
  2. The process is short, but if any step is missing or wrong, the whole process can get messy. Saving emails in PDF format from your Yahoo account is a very lengthy process
  3. The setup process does not guarantee a complete email download, as synchronization between email clients may fail at any time.

The Final Words

In this write-up, you learned how to download emails from Yahoo to computer. It is important to copy Yahoo email to your hard drive to prevent Yahoo email from being hacked. We explain why you back up your Yahoo Mail messages, and explain the various ways to download Yahoo Mail to PC. Now it’s up to you to choose the method that works best for you.

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