How to Create Exit-Intent Popups that Drive Conversions

How to Create Exit-Intent Popups that Drive Conversions

Creating a website is a piece of cake, but increasing conversions can be tricky. With an attractive layout and good advertisements, you can grab your visitors’ attention, but it does not necessarily convert your visitors into buyers.

In this competitive market, almost every business has its websites, and some of them might have the same products as you, then how do you stand out from them and increase conversions  on your website?  This is when exit-intent popups come into play.

Indeed, people don’t like popup ads, but if a popup appears when they exit the site, it won’t do much harm, they are leaving the page anyway. But research shows that exit popups have more shares in creating conversions than regular conversion strategies.

In this article, we’ll get in detail about how exit-intent popup helps to gain more conversions . But first, let’s see what an exit-intent popup is and how it works.

What is an exit-intent popup?

An exit popup refers to the last effort marketers make before the user leaves the website. Marketers use this strategy for various purposes, such as convincing a user to join the e-mail list, complete their purchases, or offer them some discounts before leaving.

Usually, an exit popup was nothing but a small overlay displayed at the centre of the browser, but over time, it evolved, including different popup shapes and types to increase the engagement.

How does exit popup work?

An exit popup uses the software named exit-intent, which adds a short script to the website. This software pays more attention to the user’s mouse moments, especially where the cursor goes. If it notices any sign of the user is about to leave the browser, it triggers a popup to appear.

How to use exit-intent popups to increase conversions?

Now we know how the exit-intent popup works, let’s dive-in on how to use them effectively to increase conversion.

  • Personalization

Personalization makes everything better. It gives users the idea that your brand is invested in knowing them. Personalizing is the key to make advertisements friendlier. You can get your visitors’ information by getting them signed to your subscription list, or via surveys, or by identifying the name of an existing customer.

When your visitor leaves your webpage, you can grab their attention with an exit popup with their name on it. For example, “Hey Jennifer, signup for the bulletin and get X% off on the total bill”.

You can also personalize your popup with social media platforms. For instance, you can invite them to your private social media group or offer some discounts for using a particular social media channel (i.e., Pinterest or Instagram).

  • Keep it relevant

A valuable offer is excellent, but a relevant offer is much better. If the user is browsing women’s jewellery, and they met up with a popup about a discount on men’s footwear, it does nothing to make the user stay. Thus, it is essential to make your popup relevant to users.

You can use the referral sources, location, and page to spend more time determining their interest and targeting them accordingly.

Implement a minimal design

Studies show that including graphics or any visuals helps grasp the users’ attention. However, if your popups have irrelevant graphics, dull colours, and misaligned components, it might cause a negative impact on visitors.

Thus, you need to create popups that match your website and its features, such as fonts, style, and colour. You can also Hire Magento Developer for the same that will help you out in implementing a design that fits your business style. With the limited space, make sure your design is minimalistic yet does not disconnect the users from its purpose.

You can use bright or contrasting colours so that it grasps the attention immediately. You can also add a frame to highlight the popup to make it more prominent.

Give visitors different options

Most popups do not give the user what they want, this happens because several businesses have different buyers’ persona, and each persona works differently. If your popup offers something that visitor already has, then the visitor won’t pursue it, making it useless.

The best way to avoid this is to give them multiple choices and direct them to the best offer on the topic they are interested in.

Place a survey

Surveys are the best way to know your visitors and get their feedback. It helps to modify the website for a better user experience. But if used incorrectly, it might cause a terrible user experience.

Exit popups are the best way for conducting surveys, as they don’t interrupt your browsing experience, increasing the chances of more people participating in the survey. Also, give users something in exchange, such as a free gift or a little discount, for filling out the survey.

Generate curiosity

The information gap is a concept of curiosity that we get curious when there is a gap between what we know and what we don’t know. Marketers use this tactic to generate curiosity in visitors, making them stay longer on the website. If your popup has an information gap, visitors will automatically be driven to enter their email out of curiosity.

Use social proof

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon in which people imitate others’ actions to decide in a particular situation. It helps to build trust between the brand and users and increase the conversion.

You can use social proof in various ways in your popups by adding customer reviews, the number of members, promoting best sellers, social media mentions, influencers and celebrity endorsements, and many more.


Nobody likes popups, but if they are uninterrupted and relevant, then why not?

When used correctly, popups are the best way to increase conversions. There are numerous ways you can use exit-intent popups, but make sure they are eye-catching, informative, and engaging.

With the points mentioned before, create your exit-intent popups, including special discounts, excellent offers, and free download. With this, you can increase your conversion rates and expand your business.


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