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How To Create An App That Blends Multiple On-demand Services in One-stop Shop Like Gojek?

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Launch Super App Like Gojek

Boost your business by developing a Gojek-clone app that incorporates various services in a single application, which potentially replaces the usage of multiple apps. Asia’s biggest multi-service platform, Gojek is highly successful. Entrepreneurs are eager to create their own version of Gojek.

Launching a multi-service app is estimated to be the fastest-growing trend since the statistical report flaunted users’ comfort across the globe

Factors to be accounted Before Building An App Like Gojek

There are few factors to consider before building an app like Gojek to enhance the user experience by dodging a few flaws and coming up with flying colors.

  • Know your audience

Identifying who your target audience is indispensable. It is vital to know the preferences of your target audience, their likes and dislikes, and expenditure patterns. The on-demand multi-service app will be designed based on your suggested list of requirements. It will help you to customize your app with the right features and functionalities.

  • Generate revenue

The revenue model can be generated with the help of consulting an app development company by identifying which revenue source to pursue, what value to offer, how to price the value, and who pays for the value.

  • Know your competitors

Study the methodologies and services offered by your competitors. This crucial part will help to analyze and eliminate the flaws before launching your Gojek-clone app. Analyzing the competitors will allow us to rectify the mistakes made and make a better version of the app.

  • Cost Estimation

It is essential to estimate how much it will cost you to develop a Gojek type app. However, the development of a Gojek clone app is cost-effective. Consulting a few app development companies will help you know the cost of developing a Gojek clone app and plan accordingly to launch a multi-service app tailored to your requirements.

Figuring Out Gojek-clone App

Gojek-clone app is a ready-made app that helps you to offer 60+ on-demand services in a single application. It comprises various services like ride-hailing services, food delivery, beauty services, etc.

This Gojek-clone app is so versatile that it can be customized according to your business needs. The latest stats show that the multi-service app is appealing to many and expects to gain a larger market share in the near future. As a result, many entrepreneurs are interested in developing Gojek-clone apps.

What Makes The Gojek Clone App Exemplary?

The Gojek-clone app works on a single platform consisting of multiple services. It offers various services like shopping, food delivery, parcel delivery, beauty services, catering services, automobile services, car wash services, home repair services, etc.

The Gojek-clone app is termed as a super app as it saves up the majority of the space occupied by multiple apps for various services on our mobile phones. A super app enables the users to access multiple services from one single app. The Gojek-clone app is an on-demand multi-service app that binds the services offered by multiple apps and exhibits in a single app.

Through multiple service channels, the Gojek-clone app can leverage commissions.

Why Is The Gojek-clone App Becoming Popular?

The pandemic led to the lack of availability of various services. As the government imposed strict rules and lockdowns, people found it challenging to avail of a few benefits, and the only option left was to book for online services. It paved the way for the on-demand delivery and service industry.

The users are finding it more comfortable and are getting used to ordering online services. Many services like beauty services, automobile services, etc., are made available right at the doorstep. Food from their favorite restaurants is safely delivered by the delivery executives to the consumers during the lockdown when people are unable to step outside. 

In addition to those services, fund transfers and banking services can also be incorporated in the Gojek-clone app to acquire a wide range of audience.

Looking at the users’ comforts, the demand for multi-service apps technology seems to be persistent and rising each day. 

Introducing New Features To The Gojek-clone App

Before launching your multi-service app, it is important to add a few new features to enhance the user experience.

Introduce features such as,

  1. SOS 
  2. Easy cancellation of rides
  3. Verification of age
  4. OTP verification before initiating a task
  5. Manual application of toll cost
  6. Live navigation 
  7. Feedbacks and ratings
  8. Price calculator
  9. Option to cancel an order for delivery drivers
  10. Pick your taxi driver option
  11. Finding items and stores by name search
  12. Voice note feature for instructing delivery drivers
  13. Authorization to upload pictures by restaurant owners
  14. Divided time slots
  15. Revenue by store
  16. List of safety precautions 

Summing up

if you are an entrepreneur aiming to develop a Gojek-clone app, the current fastest-growing application that enables usage of multiple services in a single application, it is vital to consult an app development company that provides a 100% customizable clone app solution.

Many app development companies offer maximum protection to the users in every possible way. White-labeled solutions can help you build your app exactly the way you want while adding uniqueness to your venture. Check out a few app development company websites to understand the app development process and commitment to quality of work.

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