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How To Create A Mobile App For On Demand Towing Assistance

by Sophiamills
On Demand Towing Assistance

It’s nice to drive your car and explore new areas until your car suddenly breaks down in the middle. In such a situation, you have two options: try to solve the problem yourself or contact support. People often demand that their vehicle be taken to the nearest repair shop. 

But how would you do it? You can find some roadside assistance services by searching the Internet, but they may not be particularly helpful. A smartphone app for towing or roadside assistance comes in handy in this situation.

Guide To Develop Your Own On-Demand Roadside …

When your automobile breaks down, it’s natural to feel stuck and scared. Rather than stressing or calling for aid, you may easily call a tow truck or utilise a Roadside assistance app to obtain experienced assistance right away. 

People can use these apps to get truck towing and auto maintenance at any time and from any location.

Simply select the service you require (dead battery, flat tyre, towing, etc. ), disclose your precise location, and complete the order in a few cellphone touches. A tow truck or a trained mechanic will arrive at your location to transport your vehicle to the nearest garage or repair shop.

We’ll look at the different aspects of starting your own on-demand tow truck or road help smartphone app, as well as the costs involved, in this blog.

What Is a Roadside Assistance Business?

The term “roadside assistance” refers to assisting persons who are travelling by car and require assistance if something goes wrong. For example, suppose a person is driving his car and the tyre suddenly becomes perforated. 

There is a situation where a roadside aid will arrive and perform professional repair services in exchange for a charge. In recent years, the roadside help industry has experienced a resurgence, and it has emerged as a viable investment opportunity for savvy investors.

What Is the Process of Using a Towing or Roadside Assistance App?

The operation of a roadside help app is rather simple. The users must first register for the app and create a profile. They can simply sign in and enter their specific location if they already have an account. They can then choose the type of roadside assistance they require and submit requests to nearby service providers.

Once the requests are put out, a nearby suitable service provider will accept them and dispatch his mechanic or towing truck to the user’s location as soon as possible. Users can use the service and make safe payments directly from the app.

The Reasons For The Popularity Of The Towing/Roadside Assistance Industry

The business of roadside assistance and towing has grown in popularity. And much of this can be attributed to the abrupt growth in the number of vehicles during the last decade.

Too many automobiles on the road have resulted in an increase in the number of accidents and vehicle breakdowns.

Furthermore, due to their busy and demanding schedules, many people have neglected to have their vehicles serviced on a regular basis. This has increased the need for driving assistance apps once more.

How Can You Generate Revenue With Your Roadside Assistance App?

Plans for Subscription

For a modest charge, the app administrator can give multiple subscription plans to both customers and service providers. Various app features and discounts are provided to them based on their plans.


This is a frequent method of generating revenue in which the administrator is paid a commission charge each time a consumer pays for a reservation. The commission amount can be set or fluctuate depending on the service type.

Listing Highlighted

Featured listings are a popular method of monetization. The service providers pay the admin a charge to be listed in the app’s top sections. In other words, for a fee, the admin recommends the services of a specific supplier to customers.

Advertisement for Sale

For a price, the admin can allow third-party service providers to display promotional advertisements. This cost can be determined using variables such as clicks, impressions, and so on.

Fee for waiting time

The service provider may have to wait for a while if the user’s vehicle cannot be towed immediately. The user will be charged a waiting fee in this situation. And the administrators can keep a portion of the charge for themselves.

Integration with E-Commerce


on-demand roadside help applications have eliminated the trouble of locating towing and repair providers in the event of an emergency. To grow their consumer base, an increasing number of brick and mortar stores are turning to the internet. The time is right to invest in the rapidly expanding roadside assistance business. To design a solid app and break into this burgeoning market, you should contact a reputable app development company.

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