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How to Convert Your Website Into a User-Friendly Mobile App?

by Nicemon Jose
Convert Your Website Into a User-Friendly Mobile App

Anything that can be developed into a website can be made into an app as well. With the growing predominance of smartphones over laptops and PCs, many companies now-a-days are making the switch from websites to mobile apps. People rely heavily on mobile applications for carrying out their day to day activities and functions such as shopping, finance, food, entertainment, productivity, work, etc to such an extent that the important role mobile apps play in our lives cannot be left unseen.

Nevertheless, if you have a business with a functioning and robust website, making the switch from website to native or hybrid mobile app comes with its own set of challenges. In such a scenario, it is important to answer one question – why should you convert your website to a mobile app?

  • Extended functionality – a mobile app provides functionality that extends beyond the limited screens of a laptop or PC. With front and rear cameras, GPS, messaging, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. a mobile application has a much wider scope than a desktop can ever have.
  • Expand your audience – as mobile phones are a much handier device than desktops, it is no wonder that mobile apps find a wider audience than a website does. A mobile app helps to expand your brand’s visibility on a much larger scale.
  • Stand out from competitors – the early bird gets the worm and that is especially true in the case of technology. Developing a custom mobile app sets you apart from the competition and propels your brand forward.
  • Reliability across screens – a mobile application is better optimised to display different screen sizes much better than a website.
  • Offline capabilities – both a website and a mobile app require internet connectivity to work but the advantage of mobile apps over websites is that they can be enabled to work both offline and online, depending on the nature of the app.

Now that it has been established why converting your website to a mobile app is the step you need to take, the question remains – how to convert your website into a user friendly mobile app?

Set a plan

Having a plan in place is imperative in more ways than one. You need to have a fair idea of how your app should look and feel i.e., the UI and UX part, what are the features you need in your app, what is the navigation process as well as the lockdown on consistency, notification display, etc.

Code the app yourself

Once you know what the app should be like, you can proceed with the actual development part. And the cheapest and easiest way to do that would be to code the app yourself. If you have the resources in house, you can resort to this method in which case you would be in a position to start from scratch and make changes and necessary modifications as and when you deem appropriate. However, the major challenges in this method would be finding the right team of people, training them, allocating their resources and time in addition to their tasks and continuous supervision.

Hire a freelancer

The next option would be to hire a freelancer who can develop the app for you. In this method, you would be able to outsource the app development work thereby ensuring your personnel do not lose time and resources for their core competencies. A freelancer would develop the app for you according to your needs and requirements for a fee. But a challenge you may face is that being a freelancer, you would not be able to ascertain the qualifications, credibility and experience of the freelancer. Bringing them up to speed on your business and guiding them would take up a lot of time and costs as well.

Use a DIY app builder

Alternatively, you can also convert your website to a user-friendly mobile app using a DIY app builder. A DIY app builder is a great tool for building apps for those who do not have coding experience. However, there are a lot of limitations and restrictions in developing a well functioning and fully custom app using an app builder, making it suitable only for small businesses.

Hire an experienced app development company

The final method in building a user-friendly mobile app would be hiring an expert app development company to do the job for you. An established app development company in Kochi would have all the right resources – qualified and experienced personnel, reputation and credibility, time and skills – to convert your website to a mobile app with ease.

It is no surprise that the best option would be to hire an experienced and qualified app development company for developing the mobile app for you. Being the leading app development company in Kochi, An app development company will help to convert the websites to robust, responsive and reliable mobile applications. If you are looking to convert your website into a user-friendly mobile app, connect with the best app development company!


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