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How to Convert OLM File into PST? Expert Solution

by Max Black
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Are you planning to convert OLM file into PST and migrate your data from Mac Outlook to its Windows counterpart? If yes, then your research ends because you will get all of your questions answered here.

OLM and PST are both very different file formats but they serve similar purposes. The PST file is for Windows Outlook, whereas, the OLM file is for Mac Outlook. They both are capable of saving different data items such as emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. These formats being proprietary of the Microsoft company are not compatible with any other application. Similarly, you cannot import OLM into Win Outlook and PST in Mac Outlook.

This makes it clear that for migration of data from one device to another (or email client), you have to first convert OLM file into PST. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide any such direct migration making it difficult for its users to switch.

Therefore, to make it easy for our readers, we have come up with some brilliant solutions that will surely help you get results accurately.

How to Convert OLM File into PST?

Such cross-platform migrations require the user’s full attention to avoid making any mistake that can result in data corruption or damage. As already stated, there is no direct way to achieve this. You have to first extract data in form of an OLM file from your Mac Outlook and convert it to PST.

Method 1: Copy-Paste the Data

This is the easiest way that you can ever find. You just have to copy the mailbox items from Outlook for Mac and save them to your local folder. Then, move it to Windows PC and import it to Outlook for Win by creating a new folder in it. However, we must pay attention to the fact that this requires the presence of both of your computers and needs Outlook for Mac installed.

Method 2: Sync Data with Exchange

This method requires technical expertise on your part. If you are technically knowledgeable, then you can simply synchronize your data with the Exchange server and load it on Windows PC.

But both of these methods are not the most perfect ones since they contain one or the other disadvantage. To make sure you get perfect results, you must go for a professional solution as described in the next section.

Method 3: Automatically Convert OLM File into PST

The Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook converter software is the most preferred utility for converting the said formats. It works efficiently on a Mac machine and is capable of converting multiple files in a single attempt. It supports all the latest Mac OS versions and works well with Outlook OLM 2011, 2016, and 2019 files.

You can work with this utility even if you do not have Mac Outlook installed on your device. Simply import the OLM files into it and perform the migration as per its instructions. Other than PST, it provides multiple other formats to export your file into, along with several advanced settings to apply.

In case you are working on a Windows machine, you must use the OLM to PST converter tool for the same purpose. It is specifically built for Windows computers and works flawlessly with all OLM files. Both of these utilities produce PST files compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

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Time to Conclude

In this article, we explain the best ways to convert OLM files into PST. You can opt for any of the several methods that we explained above. In case you want to go for a professional solution that gives you accurate results, you must use the tools we recommend here based on the operating system you use.

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