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How to choose the right Cross-body case for your Smartphone

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There are many unfortunate things that can happen to your tablet or phone, including drops, spills, and even falls. You’ve probably lost your grip on your tablet or phone and watched in horror as it crashed to the ground. Our guide will help you choose the right Cross-body case for your lifestyle.

A word about price

Rarely will you find the lowest price for a Cross-body case online, whether it is on the manufacturer’s site, the device manufacturer’s site, or a carrier’s website. Often, the Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs) are discounted. Once you have identified the Cross-body case that you are interested in, you can do a comparison search to find other options. It is worth noting that some Cross-body cases manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty if you purchase directly from them. This could be a motivator to pay full retail price.

Do your homework

You can read reviews about the Cross-body cases that interest you. You can find reviews of other models for the same phone, so you can get an idea of the quality. There are many forums where people can discuss Cross-body cases and post photos. Also, it is important to ensure that the Cross-body case is cut precisely. Sometimes, Cross-body cases get rushed and miss a port; buttons are too stiff or reflect light from the camera. Before you purchase, make sure to check with the manufacturer if wireless charging is something you are interested in.

Select your features

Consider what additional features you may need in a Cross-body case. A landscape stand is a great option for Cross-body cases. Many Cross-body cases offer multiple positions and 360-degree hinges. Kickstands for phones will generally pop out the back. However, they should be secure as it can cause irritation if they do. Keep a list of the essentials you consider important and use it to help you shop.

What level of protection do you require?

How clumsy do you look? It is important to determine how tough your Cross-body case should be. You will need serious protection if you want it to survive a drop on concrete or to survive a dip. You don’t have to spend a lot if you are careful and only need basic protection. There is a tradeoff between the amount of protection offered and the weight and bulk added.

Rugged Cross-body cases

Rugged Cross-body case is another option, but they will be heavy and bulky. While air pockets and reinforced corners greatly reduce the chance of your device being damaged, they can also add bulk. You should find them easy to hold, even when wet, but it might be harder to slip them into your pocket. To accommodate a larger body, you might need a belt clip or pouch. Rugged Cross-body cases should cover all angles, including buttons and touch screens. This can reduce touch screen sensitivity and make it harder to press buttons. Rugged Cross-body cases can make it more difficult to use your phone.

Tough Cross-body cases

You can choose from one of the many tough Cross-body cases on the market if you need a Cross-body case that can withstand a drop but doesn’t add bulk or look completely lost. To absorb shock, a combination of hard polycarbonate and silicone is the best. Keep an eye out to the military drop test certification. These Cross-body cases can add some bulk to your phone and may be heavier than normal. However, they are available in a variety of styles so you don’t have to stop using all the features of your phone. In Cross-body case your phone falls face-first; make sure there is protection or a lip on the front. To reduce the chance of it falling, you should expect extra grip.

Basic or slim Cross-body cases

Sometimes, it seems a shame to cover up your phone’s beautiful design. Or maybe you don’t want anything too bulky in the pocket. A slim Cross-body case is the best option if style is more important than protection. The Cross-body case will protect your phone from scratches and will increase its chances of survival in the event of a fall. Transparent Cross-body cases are becoming more popular, so it’s easier to find a Cross-body case that shows off your phone’s design. A slim Cross-body case doesn’t have to cost a lot, and can still provide basic protection.

These one-piece Cross-body cases are usually made from TPU which is strong and malleable. They also offer some shock protection. These Cross-body cases are often too slim to fit comfortably on your device, and won’t protect against drops. This category has the largest selection of colors and styles. However, make sure to check the cut-outs. Remember that weak protection against falls can be found at the corners and on the front. This category includes Cross-body cases that combine a thin, rigid back with a thicker and more malleable bumper to provide decent drop protection.

Folio Cross-body cases

These wallet or flip-open folio Cross-body cases are stylish and easy to carry. These Cross-body cases are a great alternative to traditional Cross-body cases, especially if you plan to carry your phone around in a bag. There are a few differences between them in terms of drop protection. Some have a shell-type cover inside, while others provide virtually no coverage at the corners or sides. Genuine leather is only available if you are willing to pay more. Most folio Cross-body cases are made of PU (polyurethane), but it can be strong and smell strong at first. It is also prone to cracking.

Folio Cross-body cases typically support the sleep/wake function. Your device should wake up automatically when the cover is opened and then go to sleep when the cover is closed. If you don’t want the Cross-body case to open in your bag, the type of closure you choose is crucial. Although magnetic closures allow for more creative designs, they aren’t as strong as tab or elastic closures. Although many folio Cross-body cases claim to have credit card slots, very few of them can replace your wallet. The Cross-body case will usually only hold one or two cards and can be opened unexpectedly if it is overstuffed.

Screen protectors

Screen protectors are included in many devices, and you can find them at many places. They can reduce scratches and cracks on your touch screen but also have an aesthetic and sometimes a functional impact. Make sure you buy the right screen protector for your device. Any imperfections on your screen will increase your chances of getting bubbles. You will get the best results if you follow the instructions and apply the screen protector slowly. You will usually receive multiple screen protects along with your purchase. If the current one is damaged, you can throw it out. IPhone 11 case with strap and Screen protectors can be used to increase privacy and reduce glare. You can fit your screen protector with either thin or thick Cross-body cases, depending on the size of your screen protector. We have found that protectors can be frustrating to apply and lower touch sensitivity. There are protectors that can be integrated into the design to increase your screen’s touch sensitivity, but these are typically significantly more costly.

The last word

You want something that suits you and your lifestyle, considering how often you will reach for your phone. A couple of different styles are also recommended for different activities. You might prefer a smaller Cross-body case for work but a more rugged Cross-body case for hiking and biking.

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