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How to Choose the Best Blockchain Development Platform for Your Business?

by TarunNagar
Best Blockchain Development Platform for Your Business

Blockchain technology has become one of the most popular and widely used technologies in recent years. Unfortunately, not many businesses are aware of the true value of this technology, so they aren’t utilizing it. Only a few companies can use the blockchain to its full potential.

With the help of blockchain distributed ledger technology, we can resolve many new problems. This emergence is the result of society becoming more interconnected. Additionally, it aids in solving current corporate issues. The number of domains is increased with the aid of blockchain platforms.

You must pick the best blockchain development platforms while thinking about creating a blockchain. What points to consider while choosing the best blockchain development platform for your business will be covered in this section but first, let’s briefly go over what a blockchain platform is.

What Is A Blockchain platform?

Blockchain platforms are the decentralized technology system in which the transactions made through electronic money are listed and retained in many interlinked computers. Some blockchain frameworks are ethereum, IBM blockchain, hyperledger fabric, R3 Corda, stellar, and so on, allowing people to create and host applications on the blockchain.

Different Types of Blockchain Platforms

There are several types of blockchain development firms that offer effective services. Here are some of the best blockchain development platforms that can help you with your business.


Ethereum is the first and most well-liked blockchain development platform which has gained appeal among programs. Additionally, it is more frequently utilised as a platform for building decentralised applications and smart contracts than an alternative currency.

IBM blockchain

It is a new but correspondingly effective blockchain development platform. It has a user-friendly interface and comprehensive personalization options that gives its developers adaptability in various industries. It is very popular among clients that are less risk averse.

Hyperledger fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source and permissioned blockchain development platform. It is popular because of its secure and fastest blockchain technologies. It helps improve privacy options. If you want to create a forum like hyperledger fabric, you should hire blockchain developers.

R3 Corda

R3 Corda was originally designed for financial institutions but has since been adapted for use in healthcare, insurance, and digital assets. Even though it is a permissioned blockchain development platform, it operates differently. The main benefit is that all the transactions are processed in real-time. Because of this, the performance gets improved.


It allows domestic and international digital currency transfers to fiat money, another solution designed for the financial industry. One unique feature is that it is completely decentralised. Many companies use it to trade internationally.


The ripple blockchain platform is also popular among financial institutions. The platform is trusted by hundreds of financial institutions because of its transparency, speed and low transaction cost. Through its own currency, it facilitates global, cross border payments at minimal cost like ether and bitcoin.

Dan Larimer launched the blockchain platform in 2018. The main feature of this platform is to process millions of transactions per second. It is one of the popular choices for businesses because of its ingenuity to remove transaction fees and its options like security and scalability.

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Points to Consider while Choosing the Best Blockchain Development Platform

Finding the right platform to use is particularly different because they all have distinct features and functions, making learning how blockchain functions even more challenging. Below are the following points to consider while choosing the best Blockchain Development Services for your business.

Speed of actual platform

The blockchain’s scalability rate indicates a network capacity for TPS(transaction per second). Additionally, the amount varies depending on the blockchain development platform: while ethereum can process 25 transactions per second, bitcoin can only process 7. Meanwhile, litecoin can manage 56, ripple 1500, Cardano 250, and even Solana 29000.

However, do you want that much? Depending on the type of data the network is processing at that point. A greater TPS would be more productive if your organisation is working on producing payment software or, let’s say, high transaction gaming apps. However, a platform with a low TPS can be more than adequate than a straightforward data management system.

Accessible features

Even though all blockchain development platforms use the same technology, they might have different features—ripple, ethereum, and bitcoin. The major application of bitcoin is as a decentralised virtual form of money. Ethereum is intent on developing smart contracts. Ripple simplifies and lowers the cost of international financial transactions like SWIFT. Their main objective is so dissimilar that the processing data they follow, the time it takes, and the features they provide differ greatly. That determines the blockchain you would require for your network.

Adoption of the network and its surrounding community

It is also critical to consider the number of users, brands and whether the community is centred on the blockchain network. The basic explanation for this is that you have a better chance of finding the support you require in case of any problems with the larger network surrounding the community.

Furthermore, requirements and technology evolve with time. Therefore the more popular platform it becomes, the more chances it will receive more updates, and the bug issues will be notched.

The security of platforms

The blockchains are designed to share and store data more securely by default. Even so, dont assume that every platform is equally secure, and you should not worry that it keeps data. Especially if your company handles delicate and private data, you should triple-check each platform’s security features. To ensure the security of your data and finances, you should check the platform’s cryptographic methods, how the records are verified in the network, how often the platform is updated, and how to verify users.

Numerous nodes

As fewer verified node area units are required for every dealing, enterprises’ blockchains area units are typically a lot quicker; however, this comes at the price of slightly lower security. If you wish the network to verify and store transactions as quickly as attainable, then an associate degree enterprise network is a higher possibility. However, if you favour a safer blockchain over one that is quicker, or if you would like to use a very suburbanized system, then public area blockchain units are your best bet.

Criteria for Choosing A Suitable blockchain platform

When deciding which blockchain platforms you have to select, the following criteria will help in choosing the suitable one:

  1. Dependability and bit rate of the platform
  2. Format of instruction
  3. Rate of adoption
  4. Required developers’ experience
  5. Availability of vulnerability rewards program
  6. Supporting developer tools’ availability to increase the developer experience.


By 2026, the global blockchain market is expected to reach $67.4billion. The industry will certainly find plenty of new ways to use blockchain technology as it continues to evolve rapidly. Many blockchain development platforms are available right now, so businesses should spend time analysing their options before choosing one.

You can hire the best mobile app development company that can serve several purposes and have many features. It is especially important. You can help shape the future of your industry and compete in an increasingly competitive market by choosing the right blockchain development platform for your business. There are a lot of factors to take into account, but once you have made a decision, you will be able to make a significant impact on the world around you.

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