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How to Choose a Flutter Development Company?

by junedghanchi
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Earlier, people and businesses used to turn to the web for a bare minimum digital footprint, and now they prefer mobile apps. But building mobile apps for both iOS and Android are cost-intensive and time-consuming. On top of this, creating a consistent web presence in sync with the mobile apps is also necessary. This is why businesses hire flutter developers from India to build feature-rich, scalable platforms and shape their digital presence across the platforms. Compared to other cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter offers the competitive edge for building web and desktop apps with the same codebase.

Whether you want to build a Flutter web app or use the framework for your mobile app presence across iOS and Android, you need to hire an expert Flutter development company. With so many development companies turning to Flutter as a comprehensive development solution, it needs a meticulous approach to hire the best Flutter experts for your app project. We are here to guide you about hiring the best Flutter experts for your mobile app project. But before that, let us begin by explaining the key value propositions of Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform UI development kit that emerged as a strong competitor to React Native in recent years. Launched and maintained by Google, this open-source framework appearing in 2017 continued to gain popularity because of its modular widget-based development approach, concise and low-code Dart programming language, and several other advanced features. A Flutter development company can help you build apps for both iOS and Android mobile platforms, web apps, and apps for desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. No wonder, according to Flutter GitHub’s presence and overall market statistics, Flutter is now the most loved cross-platform development technology.

The Benefit of the Flutter Framework?

A Flutter app development company is primarily sought after for using the technology to shape the entire digital presence of a business brand across the web and mobile OS platforms. Before you know about the steps in hiring Flutter companies for your app project, let us briefly explain the framework’s benefits.

  • Single Codebase for All Platforms

    Until recently, cross-platform development was mainly about using the same codebase for iOS and Android platforms. But Flutter changed this perspective by allowing us to reuse the same codebase for web and desktop platforms. Today top companies using Flutter can use one technology for their digital presence across all platforms.

  • Modular Widget-based UI Development

    Unlike React Native and other leading cross-platform development frameworks, Flutter doesn’t need to connect to the native UI layer using a separate JavaScript bridge. Within Flutter, we find an extensive repository of UI widgets for every platform-specific design element to shape the look and feel of the app modularly.

  • The Power of Dart Programming Language

    One of the key reasons to hire a Flutter development company is the powerful Dart programming language used by Flutter for concise and low-footprint coding. The objective and expressive coding approach of Dart remains at the core capabilities of Flutter in ensuring faster development with fewer coding errors and bugs.

  • Hot Reload Feature

    Generally, developers need to spend a lot of time checking the impact of their code by refreshing the app. The same happens for QA testers as well. The Hot Reload feature of Flutter now allows developers to check the code in a running app without reloading the app again and again. This saves time, cost, and development efforts for the entire project.

  • Firebase Backend & Testing Support

    Some Flutter app development companies consider the framework for fully-fledged full-stack development because of its built-in backend support with integrated Google Firebase. Moreover, Flutter also offers out-of-the-box access to QA testing and debugging tools.

  • Support for a Wide Range of IDEs

    Flutter is extremely flexible and supports many IDE tools such as Android Studio, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, and others.

  • Perfect for MVP Development

    The lightweight and modular approach of Flutter for app development perfectly fits into MVP projects. Since MVP app projects try to restrict the initial development with basic features with easy options for future value additions, the modularity of Flutter fits in perfectly.

How To Hire the Best Flutter Development Company For Your Mobile Project?

So, all the reasons to go for Flutter for your next mobile app project are explained above. Knowing how you get onboard the best experts from a reputed Flutter development company is important. Since there is a wide range of hiring options, it is always advisable to adhere to the industry-acclaimed validation and hiring guidelines. Below, we will provide some tips to find the best Flutter app development services and hire developers from these companies.

Know Where to Find the Best Experts

First, to hire a Flutter app development company with the most experienced team of developers, it is always necessary to check industry validation. The ratings and reviews of the development companies visible in the leading B2B review platforms such as Clutch and Goodfirms can provide strong indicators regarding industry acclamation earned by the respective development service.

Check Not Just Portfolio but Client Feedback Too

After you make an initial list of some Flutter app development services, it is important to go deeper into their portfolio and find their core expertise and skills that match the requirements of your project. Once this initial portfolio evaluation is done, you need to speak to their previous clients and find out their experience working with the respective Flutter app development company. This is how you can get a complete overview of all their strengths and weaknesses.

A Technical Interview and Peer Programming Session are Must

Now let us come to the more technical aspects of the hiring process. When you hire Flutter app developers, irrespective of the development service you are hiring from, you need to make a technical assessment of the development team through an interview and a peer programming session involving your in-house experts and the development team. This is how you can evaluate how the app project will be managed and collaborated, involving the project manager, developers, product owner, and stakeholders.

Evaluate the Development Methodology

When choosing a Flutter development company, it is also essential to evaluate the development methodology they have proven expertise with. Do they have a firm grasp of the latest development methodologies such as Rapid App Development (RAD), agile scrum, DevOps, and MLOps? Depending on your app project’s nature and industry domain, you may prefer one methodology over the other.

Cost of Development Should be The Last Consideration

Last, you must also mind the cost of development when hiring a Flutter development team for your project. Hourly rate-based hiring has now become the industry standard for hiring remote developers. But it is always important to prioritize qualitative considerations over the cost.

Wrapping Up

So, for your Flutter app project, hiring the best experts will not be difficult if you adhere to these guiding principles acclaimed industry-wise. It is always effective to make a broad list of reputed development companies and then, by deductionist method, get down to the right expertise and skills you need.

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