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How to choose a CCTV camera system for your business

by Nicemon Jose
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With safety and security becoming a growing concern, be at residential or commercial establishments, investing in the right kind of CCTV camera system has become a matter of paramount importance. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, newer and better CCTV camera systems and companies are arriving in the market. As much as it gives the customers a wider range of options to choose from, it can also become a nightmare to choose the best CCTV camera system suited for your needs and budget

To make things a little easier, here are a few key points to look at before choosing a CCTV camera system for your business.

Placement of security cameras – Indoors or Outdoors?

The location of the placement of cameras greatly influences the type of CCTV camera system you need to choose. If the camera is point to use outside in a colder environment. Then a camera system with an inbuilt heater is ideal to make the camera remain operational without the effects of temperature. Internal cameras inside a factory environment need to protect from dust and heat.

So, the location placements of your preference have a significant impact on the type and specifications of the CCTV system you need to choose.

Cameras – To be seen or to be discreet?

The subject of monitoring and the placement location determines whether the camera needs to be seen in an obvious manner or be in a discreet position. Larger cameras reduce the chance of theft by acting as an obvious reminder of monitoring. PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras can be the ideal choice for covering large areas and dome cameras for discreet monitoring.

Size of the Monitoring Area

The size of the area to  monitor considerably affects your choice of the CCTV camera system. PTZ cameras give the provision of viewing a larger area and zooming in on any particular activity. It also reduce the need of having to install more cameras. There is a drastic cost reduction with the availability of high-quality images. Static cameras are ideal for smaller areas.

Audio integration

Audio integrated CCTV camera systems can be very beneficial in being used as an independent detection method that is capable of triggering recordings and alarms and also allow for the security personnel to communicate and listen to possible violators and trespassers.

Required clarity of video

The intent of using the CCTV system and the area you want to cover determines the resolution of the camera system that you need to opt for. Lower resolution cameras are the best for smaller office areas there is no need for much user identification. To monitor thefts and shop lighting, a camera with a higher resolution is a necessity.

Assessing the areas and your need to use CCTV monitoring can help in creating a cost-effective and efficient use of different CCTV camera systems clubbed together.

Effect of indoor/ outdoor lighting on CCTV recording

Neglecting the consideration of indoor and lighting conditions can adversely affect the quality of the CCTV recordings. Artificial and natural lighting sources falling onto or into the visual angles of the camera can affect the quality of images and visuals recorded. Most cameras these days are comprises of IR filters and artificial illuminators to compensate for the lack or excess of light that affects the video quality.

Additional needs for the camera in the future?

Conventional CCTV systems are closed-circuit making it difficult for modifications and scalability. IP camera systems connect over the wireless network and allow for expansion. Adding them to the network is also easy. Therefore, the flexibility and scalability of the CCTV system are important factors to consider.

Benefits for business from surveillance and monitoring

Many of the high-end CCTV systems these days are capable of providing data and customer insights. It is by monitoring customer movements and facial recognition, especially in the retail industry. This can help businesses in improving and modifying their product and service lineup and provide better customer experiences.
The employment of CCTV systems helps in identifying misdemeanours. It also helps in providing evidence against workplace violence, property damage, etc. It also increases the feeling of safety and protection among employees.

VMS Analytics – Whether to integrate or not?

New age VMS systems use technologies like built-in motion detection and intelligent algorithms. It helps to deliver useful information regarding consumer activity. This can effectively use by retailers to find the best time and day for placing promotions etc. VMS systems also have inbuilt analytics that is capable of alerting suspicious behaviours.

Expert advice on suitable CCTV camera systems and VMS solutions

A comprehensive requirement list needs to put in place before choosing a CCTV camera system for your business environment. Experts in the field can offer the right and best industry solutions. If making a decision becomes a daunting task for you. Various CCTV camera manufacturers in the UK, India and the Middle East are the best in the business.

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