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How to Bulk Convert Postbox Mail to PDF? Complete Guide

by monika
export postbox emails to pdf

Want to Convert Postbox Mail to PDF? So, you have successfully taken down in the right place. Here, we will explain how you can export Postbox Emails to PDF documents. Below is one of the simplest and reliable methods that will help you in email conversion. So, if want to learn the conversion process, follow the below guidance.

There is one of the best resources for organizations to communicate with the users. Through email messages, one can easily file presentations and share documents, and so on. But to see all these, we need a desktop-based or web-based email client software.

The Postbox is a desktop-based email mail/reader user for a client system that accesses and manages user email mailboxes. Postbox is also known as a feed news client and reader. It was developed and established by Mozilla Corporation. And, it is available for the Windows operating systems.

Hence, Postbox does not allow the user to print multiple email messages in PDF file format. That’s why users Export bulk Postbox emails one after the other as a PDF document. Migrating Postbox emails to PDF in batch requires a lot of users. So, that’s why they are searching for the solutions like Postbox to PDF conversion software.

The best Emails Converter Tool is used to export Postbox Emails to PDF without facing any hassle.

Why do Users Need to Transfer Postbox Emails to PDF?

Many users want their data in their Postbox account and Print them into PDF format for security purposes and multiple reasons.

  • As document-level Security: Whenever users share their Postbox email messages over the internet through email, then a major task is about document security. If users export email from Postbox into PDF files and can implement password security on those documents. So, that only required the user or admin to open them.
  • In legal Industry: It allows in the court of law, that should be in a format which can’t be changed and PDFs securely serve. Users can easily print Postbox emails to PDF format and show them as legal evidence in court cases.
  • A Mobile Format: In this technology-driven world, users can always convert Postbox documents to PDF and take your files with you whenever they proceed.

Instant Solution – Export Emails from Postbox to PDF

MBOX to PDF Converter Software is the most suitable way for exporting Postbox emails to PDF in bulk. It allows users to export email messages from several Postbox profiles to PDF documents at once.

This software is also suitable to convert Postbox emails to a different location. It can easily be installed on Windows and Windows Server machines.

Note:- This utility is shareware. You can test it without any paying money. Below, we have provided a trial version to export certain emails from Postbox to PDF format.

Learn Complete Process of Converting Postbox Emails to PDF

Here we have discussed the steps through which you can make your task of conversion to export emails from Postbox to PDF file format. So don’t miss a single step otherwise you have to start the process again. Start the migration process of exporting Postbox Emails to PDF:-

  1. Download the Convert MBOX File to PDF and install. Click on the Open Button.
  2. Select Email Data Files> MBOX Files, then select the right option to load all MBOX files.
  3. The software will view all MBOX files in the software panel.
  4. Now, choose the MBOX file for the full preview of the selective email addresses.
  5. Select the PDF files from the saving option, selecting the Export Button.
  6. Now, select the desired location where you want to save the resulting PDF format.
  7. Click on Save Button.
  8. Messages exported successfully. Also, the Demo Edition exports only ten items from Each Folder. If you want the unlimited conversion of data files, then you can upgrade to a Licensed version.

Convert Postbox Mail to PDF | Features & Benefits:-

  • This solution works on all the Microsoft Windows OS such as Windows 2012, 2016, 2008, and moreover.
  • The Programs can hold multiple file conventions options to manage the resultant data easily.
  • Therefore, this tool does not have limitations on this and it allows automation to process a large number of mailboxes at once.
  • One can easily and quickly use the batch selection options to choose multiple Postbox mailboxes files at once.
  • During the conversion process, the email properties of each element are the same as those in the Postbox files before.

Frequently Asked Queries:-

Query 1:- Does the tool permits the conversion of Postbox Mail to PDF file format along with attachments?

Solution:- Yes, the Postbox to PDF export software gives a facility to transfer data from Postbox to PDF along with attachments.

Query 2:- I don’t have a Postbox mail configuration on my new system. So, can I still print all the emails from Postbox to PDF format?

Solution:- Yes, the utility is an independent software. You can do the conversion even without Postbox Configuration.

The Verge:-

In this write-up, we have suggested a quick and reliable method to export. mbox files from Postbox. It will help those users who are looking for a technique to know how to convert Postbox Mail to PDF file format. Further, we have covered the complete working process with steps of the software is an absolute method.

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