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How to Add Transparent Overlays to Style Your Videos

by gemma
Transparent Overlays

You may brand your movies by using your business’s theme colours, adding a watermark, or even creating stylised intros and outros. Another certain technique to trademark your movies and make them appear slick is using a video editor. This is accomplished by using transparent overlays for videos.

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a significant number of new, never seen aesthetic overlays being used in music videos, Instagram edits and anime music videos. Whilst some may be kept private and are difficult to reproduce, others have been recreated for anyone to use freely.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular overlays from around the web so you don’t have to spend hours searching for them.

If you’re looking for overlays for premiere pro, after effects, DaVinci resolves, final cut pro, Capcut, Videostar or any other video editing software or app, you’ve come to the right place!

What are overlays in editing?

Overlays are additional VFX elements that are added on top of an existing scene. An overlay is just another layer used in video production, but rather than taking up the entire width and height of the scene, only the subject and/or main features are visible.

Overlays are used in editing to accentuate certain themes and speed up production time whilst retaining quality, which ultimately helps to create a more aesthetic edit.

What exactly is a transparent overlay?

A transparent overlay is merely a text, colour, or picture overlay that you place over your video. They are ideal for videos for two reasons:

  • They quickly assist you in customising and branding your films so that all of your video material appears “inline.”
  • They improve the readability of any text you place on the video. This is useful when using a picture or video as a background.

There are various methods to include your logo in your films by using transparent overlays for edits. Let’s take a closer look at them all.

Adding a transparent picture overlay to your video

One of the simplest ways to customise your movies is to place a picture on top of them. This can be your logo, image, animated GIF, or sticker.

The fundamental guidelines for using an image as an overlay are that it should not obscure any crucial sections of the video (unless it should intentionally).

Follow these procedures to add your picture to a video with

Step 1: Insert a picture into the

Navigate to the step “Add videos & images,” then to the tab “Upload” and select the option “Upload files.” This will produce a popup window where you can select a file to add as an overlay to your movie.

On the “Graphics & Stickers” phase, you can also submit a picture. Simply pick “Uploads” and go to the file you wish to use as an overlay. This Uploads page contains all of the photographs that you have posted.

It’s recommended to use .png pictures with transparent backgrounds. In this manner, you can ensure that the image does not appear overly bulky.

Step 2: Modify the overlay

Once you’ve submitted a picture to use as an overlay, go to the “Graphics & Stickers” step and pick it. Simply clicking on it will cause it to show on the backdrop video.

You may also add a mask to the image you submitted in the Then convert the square picture to a circle image, and so on. You can even apply an animation effect to the overlay to make it stand out more on the video.

This method is ideal for incorporating images of speakers, logos, and other image overlays into movies.

Looking for .png pictures in

Searching the built-in stock library for new ideas on what to include as a translucent overlay to your films is a terrific place to start. Enter your term in the search area, followed by “.png.” 

Images with translucent backgrounds will appear in the search results. You may place them on a colourful backdrop to make an overlay video.

Image background removal

Another method for adding transparent Overlays For Videos is to remove the background from photos. This is how it works.

Choose a picture from which you wish to eliminate the backdrop. Navigate to the website RemoveBG. The name is rather self-explanatory: the website eliminates the background from photographs.

 You can then submit this .png picture to via the step “Graphics & Stickers” and add it as an overlay to your films just as you would any other image. Therefore, you can also use background overlays for edits.

Including full-coverage video overlays

Overlays with full coverage cover the whole area of your backdrop picture or video. Consider these to be video filters. Overlays of various colours and opacity can be added to

Click on the background image/video to apply a full-coverage video overlay. Choose “Color Filter” from the right-hand side menu and pick the colour you wish to apply as an overlay to your movie. You may adjust its opacity to better fit your brand.

The colour overlay for edits will give your movie a consistent look and help you brand it when applied to it. Full-coverage overlays may help text stand out and be more readable if you use them in your movie.

Videos with shape overlays

If you want to add text to your films but don’t want to use a full-coverage overlay, consider shape overlays instead. In this manner, you may apply a shape background to only the text area, rather than the entire movie.

To use shape overlays in, you must first add text to your video. Then, click on the text and select a colour for the backdrop. You may also modify the opacity of the text’s backdrop so that it contrasts with the background video.

Overlay of frames

Your videos can also have a frame overlay. This effect is ideal for listicles and video advertisements. Simply select the text effect “Frame” to add a frame to your text message. As a workaround, use spaces to enlarge the frame.

Transparent text overlays

A translucent text overlay is another video effect you might wish to attempt for your films. The text has a backdrop, but the letters are transparent. Through these, you may view the backdrop video/image.

Band overlays

Finally, consider utilising band overlays to add text to your movie and make it stand out.

A band overlay is a horizontal bar that spans the width of your video. While this design concept is particularly useful for photographs, it may also be applied to films.

In, go to the “Graphics and Stickers” stage to add a band overlay to your video. Then navigate to the “Giphy” tab and enter the search term “brush.”

Select a GIF that you like and drag it onto the canvas. Then, on top of the GIF, add your text. Because of the animated GIF, your video will have a band overlay effect that looks fresh and original.

Transparent overlays may provide a distinctive appearance and feel to your films. They may also strengthen your brand by utilising your company’s theme colours and fonts. If you know the right technique and your requirements, you would be able to create overlays for edits that are colourful and unique.

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