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How is Your Website’s Health?

by danakim

Websites are just like any other asset of a company; they need regular checkups and maintenance to ensure satisfactory performance. Not updating and caring for a company’s online platform can lead to domain expiration, functional decline, and ranking plummet.


Website health checks entail a full diagnostic examination of the site’s design, functionality, and analytics. The process aims to reveal issues and deficiencies so that the organization can improve and achieve a high-performing website. The company can look into various aspects to check a website’s health, including site speed, server reliability, backlinks, and keyword effectiveness.


Page speed is the time it takes for web pages or media content to load on the user’s browser. According to Google, 53% of mobile website visitors abandon the site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore, keeping an optimal page speed is important for businesses to ensure a competitive advantage.


The company can test the initial page speed, full page load time, load tolerance, and database performance to identify website flaws that affect its speed. Some of the reasons why a webpage has a slow loading time include subpar web hosting service, putting too many plugins, and using multiple heavy-sized media items. Checking and optimizing these aspects might resolve the issues and improve the loading time.


Backlinks are another website element that requires regular examination. This element is a strong measure of a website’s quality as it depicts a vote of confidence from other websites. Links from high-authority sites can improve the company’s search engine ranking.


Broken backlinks could happen if the websites are not carefully managed. Possible reasons for this could be that the link’s landing page is moved without a redirect or completely removed.


Adopting a backlink strategy could also help the company avoid backlink-building mistakes and get worthwhile results. For example, the entity can focus on producing well-researched and quality content to increase readership and earn natural backlinks. They can also do guest posting to create relationships with other site owners of similar niches. If the third-party site owner agrees to post the content on their platform, the organization can request them to backlink to the web page hosting the content.


Security can also become an issue if businesses do not look after their digital platforms. Through website health checks, the company identifies vulnerabilities to its online security and gains a better idea of how to reinforce the safety of the organization and its customers. For instance, a vulnerability scanner could reveal and resolve weaknesses in the firm’s network and plugin usage.


Organizations can also use tools like Google Webmaster and HubSpot’s Website Grader to comprehensively evaluate a website’s health and execute maintenance activities. These solutions allow the owner to measure the website speed, view backlink profiles, and assess its functionality, website design, and analytics. The tools’ reports can then be useful to repair the faulty elements and monitor them regularly at a reasonable cost.


Moreover, the company can acquire consulting internet marketing SEO services to get the right support in handling its online marketing activities. This is especially ideal for companies who aim to scale or improve their digital marketing effectiveness.


Consulting companies, like Landau Consulting in New Jersey, not only aid business clients in detecting and correcting existing website deficiencies. They can also assist business clients in developing an effective SEO online marketing strategy that fits their industry, structure, size, and goals. With professional support, enterprises can improve their chances of increasing their market exposure, conversions, sales, customer loyalty, and retention.


It takes a team and continuous efforts to keep websites in good shape. Learn more about monitoring the organization’s website health in an infographic by Landau Consulting.

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