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How is Linux better than windows?

by harry17
How is Linux better than windows?

How is Linux better than windows?

​People get confused over choosing Windows or Linux in the form of the host operating system in both server and desktop spaces. People focus on aspects of cost, functionality, hardware compatibility, reliability, security, support, pre-built software, cloud readiness, before finalizing.

Reasons to choose Linux over Windows are as follows:

1. Cost of ownership

Linux is free, whereas Windows charges a certain amount. Windows license cost stays different for both desktop and server versions. In Linux OS, either it can be desktop or server cost.

In addition to the OS, the applications are completely free and open source. For personal use, a single Windows OS license fee appears inexpensive, but when considered for business. There is an OS license cost, and also the organization also needs to be ready to pay for applications including MS Office, Exchange, SharePoint running on Windows.

In the Windows world, you cannot modify the OS. The same goes for proprietary applications running on it. However, when it comes to using Linux, a user can download the source code of a Linux OS, change it and use it without paying any money. Though certain Linux distros charge for support, they are inexpensive compared to the Windows license price.

2. Beginner-friendly setup

Easy to use OS Linux is better than Windows OS. Windows OS presents better graphical user-friendliness. Windows with a relatively minimal learning curve have earned a good reputation in the industry. On the other hand, Linux distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS are striving to improve the user experience making the transition from Windows to Linux easy.

3. Reliability

Linux is reliable compared to Windows. Linux, with its top-notch design, high-end built-in security, results in un-parallel up-time. Linux distros developers are much active and release major and minor updates from time to time. Unix-like systems are known for running without a single failure or having a system demanding a restart. Linux being a UNIX-like system will be a better choice.

4. Hardware

Linux is gaining fame for the simple reason that it offers better hardware support. Linux systems consume fewer system resources compared to Windows. Hardware vendors realized the popularity of Linux, making Linux compliant hardware/drivers. Windows is slower when running the OS. Linux distros including Lubuntu, antiX, Knoppix, LXLE, Puppy Linux are best suitable for aging machines.

5. Software

Windows has a large set of commercial software available. Linux makes use of open-source software available for free.

Linux with easy-to-use package managers aids in installing and un-installing desired software applications. Linux with decent desktop themes runs faster than Windows. The Linux terminal, according to developers, offers a superior environment compared to Windows.

The exhaustive GNU compilers utilities turn out to be useful for programming. Administrators make use of package managers for the management of software and, Linux has the unbeatable CLI interface.

6. Security

Linux is secure compared to windows. Microsoft Windows OS is vulnerable to malware, trojans, and viruses.

Linux, on the other hand, is a better solution as it is non-vulnerable and more secure. Linux does not require commercial anti-virus/anti-malware packages. Linux, in addition to that, is a better solution that respects privacy. Unlike Windows, Linux does not generate logs and upload data from your machine. A user should be well aware of the Windows privacy policy.

7. Freedom

Linux is applicable for getting installed. It finds use as a firewall, file server, desktop, or web server.

Linux allows control of every aspect of the operating system. Linux serves as the open-source operating system, allowing a user to modify its source as per the user requirements.

Final words

SSDN Technologies is the best Linux course institute in Gurgaon. Linux will undoubtedly emerge as the winner. There are plenty of reasons to choose Linux instead of Windows.

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