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How Do I Record My Screen Activities in Windows 11, 10?

by mariya

We come across a lot of screens that we wish to revisit or record for future instances. You may wish to record a meeting, conference call, screencast, webinar, or live streaming. It is easy to record something on Android however Microsoft Windows operating system doesn’t offer any dedicated screen recording utility. There are a few tricks that can help you screen record for Windows.

Windows 8 came up with an update that introduced the Xbox Game Bar option to screen record gameplay or your activities on the computer. This utility doesn’t come with a lot of features and options, however, can help you with small screen recordings. The best screen recorder software comes with intuitive features and options to screen record and edit your videos, add watermarks or save videos in different formats. Let’s start with the manual process first!

Xbox Game Bar Screen Capture for Windows

Xbox Game Bar is an inbuilt utility to record gameplay, take screenshots, record video, record voice from speakers or Microphones.

Step 1. Press the (Win + I) shortcut key to open the Settings window.
Step 2. Click on the Gaming option in the list.
Step 3. You should be on the Xbox Game Bar tab in the left-hand side panel.

Step 4. Toggle ON the Xbox Game Bar and take a note of the shortcut keys.
Step 5. Open the screen that you want to screen record.
Step 6. Press (Win + G) to initiate the Xbox Game Bar. You will find the Capture section in the top left.

Step 7. There are four capture modes in the capture section. screenshots, record the last 30 seconds, start recording, and voice recording using Mic.
Step 8. Click on the Start Recording button or press (Win + Alt + R) to start screen recording.
Step 9. As the recording will start, you will notice a progress bar with Pause and Stop options. Click on the Stop button to stop recording and save the recorded clip in your Videos library.

Use a Screen Recorder Software

A screen recorder software is loaded with multiple intuitive features to screen capture videos, take screenshots, edit videos, add voice notes, capture webcam, add personalized watermarks, capture 4k videos, and HD videos in different file formats. You can play these videos on multiple devices as it takes care of the compatibility issues.

There are dozens of screen recorder software available for Windows. We have tried, tested, compared, and reviewed the best screen recording software for Windows and listed the best screen recorder for Windows 11 and earlier versions.

TweakShot Console-min

TweakShot Screen Recorder

Platform: Microsoft Windows
Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
Operating System: Windows 10 and earlier
Hard Disk Space: Min 2GB free space, SSD for best performance
Display: 1280×768 size or better
Memory: 4GB RAM or more
Price: USD $39.95 / Year

TweakShot Screen recorder is one of the best screen recorders for Windows to capture active screens, record videos, webinars, full screen, webcam feed, screencasting, live streaming, and record sound from internal/external speakers or Mic. TweakShot screen recorder is compatible with Windows 11 and earlier versions of windows.

TweakShot Screen Recorder allows you to record the entire screen in HD Quality or convert videos into 4K videos, or other readable formats. You can also capture an active window, or select a region that you wish to record. You can also record webcam feed and try different video editing tools to personalize your video. You can add, edit or remove watermarks from new or existing videos.

The free version of TweakShot Screen Recorder allows you to record three videos with a watermark. You don’t get an option to remove or edit the watermarks with the free version. You can upgrade the premium version to unlock all advanced features. Customize videos as needed and upload them on cloud storage or share them with your friends and family.

How to use TweakShot Screen Recorder

Using a TweakShot Screen recorder is absolutely easy. You just need to follow a few simple steps to perform screen capture for Windows.

Step 1. Download and install TweakShot FREE Screen Recorder from the official website.
Step 2. Execute the application and get check out the configuration settings.
Step 3. Access your streaming videos, online tutorials, instructional videos, product demonstration videos, presentations, online lectures, meetings or that you want to record.

Step 4. Select the recording settings like aspect ratio, full-screen mode, active window, region, or webcam feed that you wish to capture.
Step 5. Configure the default settings like video format, video quality, microphone, audio input, and the default storage location. Click on the big Record button to start screen capture for Windows.

Summing Up

Screen recording is a basic need in the era of online education and works from home environment. The manual process with the default Windows utility doesn’t offer advanced recording and screen capture features. The best screen recorder for Windows can help you record screens and customize them as per your need. Now never miss out on any important instance and capture everything with the best screen recorder for Windows.

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