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How do I convert emails from GroupWise to Outlook?

by maxbeckham
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Nowadays, the biggest question for GroupWise users is how to convert GroupWise to Outlook efficiently and seamlessly. If you do not know the process required for data conversion from one platform to another, it can be a challenging task for you.

Hence, this guide refers to the best GroupWise to Outlook converter tool. The mentioned tool helps users to convert GroupWise to Outlook in a hassle-free manner. With this solution, users can export GroupWise emails, contacts, calendars in Outlook PST file. So that one can effortlessly access GroupWise emails in Outlook without any hassle.

Before we get into the way to accomplish GroupWise to Outlook conversion, let’s go through some of the reasons that attract GroupWise users to migrate to Outlook.

Reasons to convert GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook PST:

GroupWise and Outlook have their preferred solution for managing mailbox data for users. However, the Novel GroupWise platform has its own importance for its users. Still, there are a few other possible opportunities to transfer email from GroupWise to Outlook.

  • Another reason is the complexities and functionalities in the GroupWise email client.
  • Outlook has a strong security feature to manage mailbox data.
  • MS Outlook provides great storage space to store data and information.
  • After converting GroupWise to Outlook, MS Outlook provides highly advanced features to store GroupWise emails in PST files.

The manual process is available, but it may lead to various technical glitches while using it to convert GroupWise to Outlook. Thus, most IT experts recommend that you stay away from manual processes while doing data conversion from GroupWise to Outlook.

To convert Groupwise email to Outlook PST, users need to follow simple two steps mentioned below:

Step1: Export GroupWise Emails to the desktop.

Step2: Convert Exported GroupWise emails to Outlook PST.

Step1: Export GroupWise Emails to the desktop:

To extracts emails from GroupWise, follow the actions as defined below:

1)   First, open the GroupWise program and log in to your account.

2) Then, click on Novell >> GroupWise from the list of programs.

3) It seems the GroupWise application window. From the screen left-side, click on Inbox.

4) Then from the Inbox item that appears, select the email messages you need to export by highlighting them. 

5) Then, by right-clicking on the selected emails, choose Save As from the options list.

6) From the configuration window that appears, choose HTML message from the format options to save the selected email messages.

7)  After that, set the location you want to save exported files by clicking on Save to Disk option from the drop-down menu.

8) Here, check the check box- Report file name conflict.

Note: If you do not set the location for the exported emails, the Emails data will be saved to GroupWise Directory by default.

9) After performing all the above actions, click on the Start button to export the selected email messages.

The total time taken for the conversion process depends entirely on the number of email messages and the amount of data stored within. After all, you can check all exported emails at the selected local storage and follow the next step.

Step2: Convert Exported GroupWise emails to Outlook PST.

The exported file can be considered as a backup file. Also, you need to convert the exported file to Outlook PST. You may consider just using a professional third-party GroupWise to Outlook converter tool to convert GroupWise to Outlook error-free.

Weeom GroupWise to Outlook Converter Tool:

This GroupWise to Outlook Converter Tool is an intuitive and secure solution. It’s easy for anyone to convert GroupWise to Outlook without any hassle. This tool is built with advanced algorithms. The best part of Weeom GroupWise to Outlook Converter Tool is that it assures complete security of the data at any point of time during the conversion. 

The tool provides a hassle-free way for all users, beginners or advanced. It is an efficient solution that provides all the user-oriented features to the easy conversion of GroupWise archive to PST for Outlook. Along with that, this tool enables you to convert GroupWise email data into EML and MSG formats.

Characteristics of this efficient tool:

Add GroupWise Mailboxes with Multi-Options:

An Efficient GroupWise to Outlook converter tool saves time and effort. It provides multi-options, such as Online Login, Default Login, Cache Mailbox Login, Remote Login- including proxy mailboxes to add GroupWise mailboxes.

  • Convert Multiple Mailboxes at Once:

This tool allows multiple GroupWise mailboxes to convert GroupWise to Outlook at once without harming data integrity.

  • Facility to item Preview:

Before the tool starts the conversion, it lets you preview the added mailbox items to ensure them.

  • Split large-sized resulting PST files into smaller ones:

Although this tool is not limited to adding mailboxes of any size. Nevertheless, in order to manage large-size resulting PST files for Outlook, this GroupWise to Outlook converter tool allows you to split them into smaller PST files as 

  • Convert to Multiple Formats:

Using this tool, you can export data from GroupWise Mailbox to PST and other file formats like EML and MSG for various email clients.

  • High-speed conversion with maintaining data integrity and folder hierarchy:

This quick tool minimizes conversion time for all conversions regardless of their size. You will get the maintained data integrity and folder hierarchy. 

  • Free trial:

Weeom GroupWise to Outlook Converter Tool allows free evaluation to convert GroupWise to Outlook with all respected features. An evaluation version provides the first 50 items per folder. With this, you get the best GroupWise to Outlook migration experience before investing in the full version.

The final word:

Migration from GroupWise to Outlook is now easy. Weeom Solution provides all the best solutions for its visitor and users. This GroupWise to Outlook Converter Tool is available for home and business users to convert GroupWise to Outlook.

Weeom Solution provides 24×7 technical support through live chat, call, and email. Weeom’s technical experts are constantly on hand to assist users with regard.


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