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How can Local Search Engine Optimization help your business?

by Snehal Patel
How can Local Search Engine Optimization help your business?

Local search engine optimization is a type of SEO that focuses on increasing a local business’s visibility on the local search engine results page. 

Pull your phone out of your pocket, open Google, and type in “best car dealers.” So, what exactly do you see? The top results aren’t always the best car dealerships in the US. Moreover, they’re certainly not a well-known brand either. They’re usually locally operated dealerships in your city, near to your location. That’s how effective local SEO can be. 

Businesses can increase their presence in these local search results for keywords related to their business and their goods or services by implementing local search optimization tactics. Below are some of the benefits that businesses get from local SEO:

What are the advantages of Local Search Engine Optimization? 

Small businesses can benefit from local SEO in addition to improving their visibility in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS) in the following ways:

A Marketing Solution That Is Both Cost-Effective and Time-Effective 

While managing your business data in online databases requires time and dedication, platforms like Google My Business and Facebook allow you to put up local business listings throughout the internet for free. This makes local SEO a more cost-effective alternative for online marketing. 

It makes it easier for local customers to find you 

When looking for a local business, 72 % of people go to a store within 5 miles. Thus if your business is appearing in local search results or in Google Maps, there’s a high chance of generating new leads for your business.

Targets Customers Who Are willing to Buy

Out of all the local searches performed on mobile devices, about 80% convert into sales. This is because local SEO presents your business to the customers at the exact time they’re looking for your product or service. As a result, they are more likely to make a purchase or pose an inquiry.

Gets Search Traffic From Qualified Sources 

Local search can let you filter out people who are unlikely to contact your company. This isn’t because search engines are trying to keep companies out of customers’ hands. It’s because they aim to give appropriate local results based on geography and purpose. Someone searching from 60 miles away is unlikely to find your business. However, someone searching from six miles away definitely would. 

Stay Ahead of the Competitors 

Consider two companies that sell the same product in the same area. One has a well-optimized local SEO presence. Whereas on the other hand, the other continues to depend largely on traditional marketing methods. In this time of online connectivity, which do you believe will draw customer’s attention? Proper SEO efforts enable your company to gain a long-term competitive edge that drives you far ahead of the competition. 

Higher rankings will help you get more trust

Well, here is a fact. You certainly will only consider the first four to six results when searching for a product or service online. You are more likely to not trust Businesses that appear on the third or fourth page of search results.

The fact is, they might be doing practically everything correctly except for local SEO. People are more likely to trust you after you start ranking higher, even if you don’t change anything. Thus one major advantage of local SEO is that it helps gain trust by ranking your business higher.

Increase the number of local reviews 

Local customers like praising a great business on the web. If someone looking for a business discovers that other people in the area like it, they are far more inclined to shop there and refer it to others. 

According to Boast, a consumer feedback company, 78 % of buyers trust internet reviews just as much as individual recommendations. Moreover, if a customer writes feedback for your business on your Google business account and you answer, it helps to boost your SEO ranking. 

Boost overall brand recognition 

People looking for specific goods using keywords will surely find your business at the top of search results. As a result, your brand’s visibility will increase as more people witness you on the results page. This implies they’ll be more likely to visit your website or store shortly. 


Even though you don’t have a website, local SEO will help you stand out and bring more people to your location through internet leads. 

As these leads come from people who are explicitly looking for your company’s goods or services, you may expect a high conversion rate. 

Small businesses must focus their energies on relevant and effective marketing techniques in order to be successful. Local SEO is a pretty effective way of placing your small business at the forefront and luring all of the potential consumers.

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