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How can I Upload an Outlook Mac (OLM) File to Office 365 Account?

by Neshu
Outlook Mac (OLM) File to Office 365 Account

There are a lot of people on the internet that have questions about various email services and accounts. The majority of them contact us with questions on how to migrate OLM files to a Microsoft Office 365 account. Don’t worry if you’re looking for a way to convert Outlook Mac (OLM) file to Office 365 account; this blog is for you.

The OLM file is one of the data files that Mac Outlook can open. It includes all emails, files, attachments, calendars, and tasks from your mailbox. In any version of Outlook, users are unable to open OLM files.

Microsoft Office 365 has been utilized as an email service for primarily corporate applications. It serves as an information manager, storing all of the company’s documents, emails, contacts, calendars, and other data. It is usually a subscription-based cloud-based Software as a Service that allows users to store a limitless amount of data.

The ultimate way to import OLM files to Office 365 without losing data.

Migrate Outlook Mac (OLM) File to Office 365 Account with a Professional Solution.

Continue using OLM Converter Software for a proper and convenient solution. The software will assist you in effectively transferring OLM to an Office 365 account while also including the metal components. It gives consumers a user-friendly interface that is simple to utilize. In addition, it has a number of capabilities that allow it to accomplish numerous jobs at the same time.


There are two versions of the software that the software responds to: Users can export 10 files at once in the demo version. The licensed version allows you to convert numerous files of Outlook Mac (OLM) File to Office 365 accounts in one go.

How to Transfer OLM to Office 365 Correctly

  • Open the software on your current PC and select the Open Menu option.
  • Navigate to the Email Data Files section >> If you have OLM files, you can select them, or you can configure Accounts to extract data directly from your account.
  • On the software panel, upload the data and preview the emails.
  • View the content of a certain email by clicking on it. Choose the emails you wish to export from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Office 365 as the Email Service from the drop-down list on the Export Menu.
  • Click the Add button after entering your Office 365 login credentials.
  • The process will begin automatically after that, and you will be able to see it unfold on the screen.
  • You’ll be able to see the resultant message on the screen within a few moments.
  • When you click “Open Folder,” the final results will appear in the destination path.

This Software’s Characteristics are as follows:

  • Multiple or even an unlimited number of files can be sent in a single effort.
  • In the filter option, the user can filter a certain email using a specific intent.
  • Separately extract email properties such as attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Users can choose the Advanced Export Option at the end of the migrating procedure.
  • This software makes it simple to convert emails selectively.
  • The software has the ability to complete several jobs in a short amount of time.

The Final Outcome

As a result, we went over all of the steps involved in converting the Outlook Mac (OLM) file to Office 365 account. There are manual methods available on the Internet as well, but this will be quite beneficial to you. The software is a well-programmed tool that allows users to complete numerous tasks at once. In addition, the utility yields the greatest results when transferring OLM to an Office 365 account.

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