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The Best Way To Find Prospects On LinkedIn

To grow your business with marketing campaigns, you need data. Today, we’re not going to tell you about the most used and trusted way to find prospects’ data from LinkedIn. Thanks to the advancement of the latest software, LinkedIn scraping has become an easy process for everyone, especially for non-coders. By using the best LinkedIn Scraping tools, you can find and get data for any person or business easily for a targeted category, industry, and country. You can export all contact details from bulk LinkedIn profiles and search by using these LinkedIn Lead Generation tools.

How Can I Scrape Data From LinkedIn For Sales Prospecting?

If we were to translate it literally, LinkedIn scraping would be the way of finding and collecting customer data from LinkedIn without any coding knowledge. But more concretely, LinkedIn data mining is the fact that a program or software can extract raw data from a LinkedIn profile in a readable CSV, Excel, or Text file so that it can then be read by a human being in an easy way. Its main interest is to collect content from a LinkedIn profile. But it collects data 100 times fast as compared to humans. You can’t do this action yourself as there are more than 860 million profiles on LinkedIn. And, the fabulous part, you don’t need to be a programmer to use a LinkedIn scraping tool.

Why Do You Need To Use A LinkedIn Scraping Tool?

It allows you to collect prospects’ data from LinkedIn by name, zip code, and profile URL.

You can scrape your competitor’s customers’ data, staff data, and business owner data from LinkedIn to beat them.

You can get prospects’ data for email marketing, mobile marketing, lead generation, and freelancing projects.

Clearly, you will have understood, A LinkedIn Scraper is also used to make competitive intelligence but you can also scrape data on your prospects, whether they are:

B to B companies.

Professionals or Experts.

Let’s say you need data on LinkedIn for your prospecting strategy. You’ll need to copy-paste and save all the information about your prospects. But the data will be disorganized and especially time-consuming to collect if you do everything by hand.

For your information, there are more than 860 million people who are using LinkedIn regularly. To harvest data from LinkedIn, you have to use the best LinkedIn scraping tool. Because searching for your prospects manually from LinkedIn, then qualifying them will take you a long time if you do it the old-fashioned way.

What Are The Best Web Scraping Tools To Find Prospects on LinkedIn?

Since a gargantuan amount of data is circulating on LinkedIn, many tools have been created to collect LinkedIn data. Here we present to you some of the best tools that can help you scrape targeted prospects’ data from LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Leads Scraper is a smart LinkedIn prospecting tool that enables you to find your ideal prospects from LinkedIn by name, zip code, job title, and profile URL. You can a build targeted prospect list from LinkedIn for all countries, industries, and categories supported by LinkedIn. The LinkedIn prospecting tool also scrapes emails and phone numbers of your prospects from the website given in the LinkedIn profile. You can export a lead list from LinkedIn and reach your ideal prospects through targeted marketing campaigns in no time.

The LinkedIn Profile Scraper enables you to find decision-makers, C-level executives, freelancers, doctors, and business owners from any location or industry. Prospecting on LinkedIn becomes easy with LinkedIn Lead Extractor. LinkedIn Crawler helps you to speed up the process of LinkedIn prospecting, generate targeted sales leads for marketing, and make more sales conversions.

  1. LinkedIn Company Extractor

It is must-have software to find b2b leads from LinkedIn for b2b business and b2b marketing campaigns. This LinkedIn automation tool will allow you to target your leads according to the criteria you have chosen.  You can scrape competitors’ profile data by using this LinkedIn Data Grabber. You will get the company name, staff, reviews, ratings, description, website link, email address, phone number, and much more by using this LinkedIn Leads Generator. This LinkedIn Contact Extractor software focuses on data extraction and automation on LinkedIn. It is useful if your prospecting is only on LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper is a tool mostly used by recruiters, hiring agencies, freelancers, and marketers to collect data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles. People prefer to use it due to its accuracy, results, and speed. The software can extract the data you need from LinkedIn Recruiter profiles automatically. You can export extracted data from LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor software to CSV, Excel, or Text files in the paid version. LinkedIn Extractor can extract emails from LinkedIn Recruiter profiles for email marketing and phone numbers for mobile marketing. You can use this data for hiring the best candidates for your organization. Yes, it’s that comprehensive and it makes it easy to grow your business with talented employees with winning new customers and automate actions.

Wrap Up:

A LinkedIn scraping tool is an affordable solution to find the right prospects’ contact details from LinkedIn. These are some tried and tested LinkedIn lead generation tools that a business can use to find new prospects without spending a lot on LinkedIn.

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