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How Can I Log In to Telegram?

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Telegram is a free messaging platform, launched in 2013. It provided a free cloud-based end-to-end encrypted chatting and video calling along with an inability to share large files in multiple groups or individually. Moreover, there are no charges or sign-up fees to avail of its free messaging services. 

Do you have a Telegram account? If you wish to join a large community with numerous amazing features, like HD stickers. So, unlike other messaging apps it notifies when any affiliated contact joins this feature-rich platform. If you wish to know how to log in to Telegram, create a new Telegram account, and how to connect to Telegram web, continue to read this article.  

Telegram login on different devices 

After completing the Telegram sign-up, you can log in to your account using different methods. Telegram users can access their Telegram account on a mobile application, Telegram desktop version, and Telegram web. Go for any one of them at your convenience. All the Telegram login procedures are mentioned below. 

Stepwise guide to login to Telegram Account using a mobile phone

Logging on Telegram is the same as creating an account for the first time but there is no direct login button on the Telegram mobile application because you can still access it by clicking on the “Start Messaging” option. Download the Telegram app on your phone and follow the direction mentioned below. 

  1. Launch the app for Telegram log in. 
  2. Click on the “Start Messaging” icon. 
  3. Select your country and provide your phone number associated with your Telegram account. 
  4. Check the SMS with verification code/ OTP (one-time-password) sent to the same number. 
  5. That’s it! Now you can use Telegram on your phone. 

Stepwise Guide to log in to Telegram Account Using the Telegram Desktop Version

Go to the Official Telegram web page and download the Telegram desktop version for your computer. Now, start Telegram login with a phone number on PC or directly scan your Telegram QR code just like WhatsApp web login. 

  1. Click on the “Start Messaging” on Telegram Desktop App.
  2. Now, open Telegram on your phone and go to “Settings”. 
  3. Move to “Devices” and select “Scan OR code”. 
  4. Scan the code to connect the Telegram desktop version. 

Telegram login with a phone number on PC 

  1. Open the Desktop Telegram application. 
  2. Go to “Start Messaging” and click on the “or login using a phone number”. 
  3. Input the code sent on your phone number via SMS. 


Step Wise login Guide on Telegram Web 

If you do not want to download the Telegram web application on your computer, visit the Telegram web login page. Here is the detailed process. 

  1. Visit Telegram web login page- 
  2. Select your country name and enter your phone number. 
  3. Press the “next” button and enter the verification code sent to your phone number via a text message. 
  4. Hit the “next” button. 


You can easily access your account by following the Telegram login methods mentioned in this article. You can visit Ityug247 for further queries. This amiable website helps to sort out all tech-related issues in the best possible straightforward ways. 

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