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How Can Content Marketing Helps Increase App Downloads?

by surajrajwanshi99
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You cannot ignore content marketing that mobile apps should also be marketed the same way as any other product. The reason is quite simple because the potentials users can find the app easily.

After all, what difference can an app make if nobody uses it?

You need to understand this, listing your app on the Google Play or App Store is not marketing, rather it is just the fundamental requirement.

Note:- To promote your app, it is best that you get in touch with the leading mobile app development companyThey will have deep knowledge regarding strategies in content marketing. They will help you by implementing content solutions that will not help your business to great ROI. But will also help you to attain your business as a brand in the global market.

There are numerous aspect you as a business owner should look into:-

  1. Add relevant keywords to the title of the app
  2. Describing the functionalities in detail
  3. Adding snapshots that are high quality

It is recommended to add the above-mentioned pointers to the app’s download page.

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Why Should You Focus on These Aspects?

According to Statista, 2.7 million apps are available on Google Play Store and 1.82 million apps on the Apps store. As per the projections store intelligence data of the Sensor Tower the revenue will globally double. They forecasted the users spending on Google Play and Apple’s App store will reach $156 billion by the year 2023.

Below-mentioned (in the image) are some of the categories that have dominated smartphone app usage.

Content Marketing

So, to establish yourself in the market you must have a solid strategy of content marketing. You should ensure to design the strategies across the core benefits.

Do not forget to map the market you want to target. By doing so, it will accelerate the app downloads.

So, What Precisely is Content Marketing? 

Content Marketing in simple language is about developing actionable and high-value content. This will address the core requirements of the targeted market, build credibility, engage the audience to the brand, solve the problems, and eventually help you to sell the products.

Content Marketing

It will also incorporate different forms of social media websites, webinars, video marketing, blogs, and numerous other platforms. Content marketing can open doors to long-term and loyal clients.

Here in this blog are a couple of ways that you can utilize content marketing to accomplish your objective:-

  1. Develop High-Value Content For Blogs

Content is the core of any internet marketing strategies. The main reason is search engines only rank those sites that are recently updated. So, it is prudential to make regular updates.

An incredible method to win favours with search engines is to start publishing blogs. It will attract the core advantages of your mobile application.

Content Marketing

To make your content truly reverberate with your target user and convince them to explore more about your application, you must identify the following things:-

  1. List down the problems that it can resolve
  2. List the greatest advantages of your app
  3. Jot down the reasons for someone to choose your application

When you have prepared the lists, make sure you do your research to figure out the keywords.

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It will make your user reach you directly. For example, your mobile app is about weight loss which can help the users to target the progress and suggest the best physical exercise.

Have you seen the wonders that keywords play?

Hence, it is always best that you get in touch with the leading digital marketing team. They will have immense knowledge about the recent market trends. Thus, they will suggest the solutions that can earn you the best ROI.

Now since you have known the role of the keyword. Let’s take some time to develop some compelling blogs.

Let us understand this with the same example, 

Instead of developing the post such as “The Best Weight Loss App” develop the blog with the following titles.

  1. 9 ways to lose weight effectively.
  2. How overweight can bring you down socially?
  3. Top and effective ways to lose weight quickly.

Ensure that you consistently schedule the blogs.

  1. Go To Guest Blogging For The Promotion of Your App 

Developing viable content for the blog is extraordinary. Yet if you go for guest blogging as a strategy will add an irresistible combination. Guest blogging can offer you the privilege to address the audience directly. If one does this adequately, you can get quick downloads. The equitable way to do this is to search for the top blog sites that your targeted users read.

Along these lines, look for 10-15 blogs that are updated effectively. Check the number of comments on each post. Go for the best social media following.

In a nutshell!!

Content Marketing can offer you to develop a loyal audience. It can help you to establish yourself as a distinctive brand in your niche.

To enhance the visibility of your app, you need to add features such as video marketing, webinars, infographics, etc

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