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How can a Restaurant Business Use Technology to Transform their Food Business in upcoming years

by Mushahid Khatri

Ever thought about what goes behind the scenes when you order from Zomato? Obviously, No! If you try to dig a little deeper various processes and systems are involve. We are about to talk about the obstacle the industry face and How can a Restaurant Business Use Technology to Transform their Food Delivery Business.

The Food Delivery App System transformed the entire food industry. The delivery system came with new hurdles and complications. Even today the food industry lacks in various areas.

According to Statista, food delivery services reached USD 28.48 billion in 2021 with an almost yearly growth of 4.3 (CAGR 2021-2024).

Everything comes with a drawback and the On-demand food delivery business has a lot of chances for improvement.

The food delivery app has a lot of ongoing drawbacks. Below are some of the problems On-demand food delivery Systems face :

  • Maintain a clean and hygienic environment
  • Urgent need to do faster delivery
  • Keep food sustainable for the environment

Maintaining the marketing and advertising strategy to attract customers

Below are some of the major areas where technology implications can improve the food industry :

Drones– One of the major players in the Food delivery Systems is the delivery period. The delivery time is directly proportional to the increase in orders.

Delivery system via drone is effective, but it would be more convenient if the order is delivered as soon as possible. As food is a perishable item, delivery should be fast.

Below are the benefits of using Drone for delivery :

  • Direct Air delivery is going to be direct and faster.
  • Drones will reduce the cost of delivery boy and the resources ( e.g vehicle and petrol ) used for delivery.
  • The cost will be reduce and also the system would be easier.

Food giant Swiggy is already testing the drones for delivery. In the future we are going to witness the fastest delivery available.

Smart Sensors – Have you ever heard of sensors? Sensors work on the technology which detects the change and then responds accordingly.

Now, the question is how restaurants and food delivery Business can use this technology to enhance systems.

For instance, the fire detecting sensor MQ-135 is used to keep a check on the fire and PIR sensors are use to detect human activity.

In restaurants, sensors can be use to control excessive temperature. Below are the benefits of using sensors in a kitchen :

  • Sensors will help to enhance the capacity to observe the process.
  • Will ensure the security of fire gadgets and also track the water heater and other elements.

AI solutions – Restaurants business is no cakewalk, the owner needs to take care of kitchen stock, serving time, and also the quality of food. Additionally, marketing and innovation are key factors to keep business growing.

Behind process can be less hectic with the use of AI Solutions. Read below to know the areas where AI can be employe :

  • Complicated restaurant management can be made simpler by using automatic ordering and a self-serving system.
  • A combination of AI and sensors can help you restock and manage the kitchen.
  • The AI system will keep records of staff and manage their working hours. Managing staff can be fully automated.

Robotics – Robotics is another niche where the aint food delivery system should invest their money. The food industry has many processes where robotics can be employed.

Here are benefits of using Robotics :

  • Robotics can be use to performer complicated functions. For example, JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, tried to use robots to cut the most difficult sections. They called them ” robot butchers “.
  • Robots can be use to automate processes such as picking and placing of fruit/items or cutting and slicing of fruit.

Robots can be use to the most difficult task. Another instance where robots can be use is to keep food ingredients safe. Only advanced technology can keep them in the same condition.

BlockChain Technology – BlockChain technology holds crucial transforming areas. By using this technology the entire food and restaurant industry can transform. But how?

Here is the application of blockchain technology :

  • Blockchain will increase traceability and operational efficiency.
  • Blockchain will strengthen the backbone of the food industry which is managing the system. The way food is transport and track.

When the owner will have clear information regarding where food is being transport and where food is sold. All the information will help reduce costs and make the process more efficient.


Be it the food industry or any other industry, learning, improving, and adapting is the best strategy to be in business. Investing in Technology is the biggest asset to stay in the competitive business world. The industry needs to adapt the alternative method to stay in the market.

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