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How broadcast pr is a key service to businesses

by frescoseo
Broadcast pr

Broadcast PR is media relations designed to secure a company, product, brand or spokesperson coverage on TV and radio. It is a strand of media relations that is specifically dedicated to securing TV and radio coverage. This has now become big business as a means for businesses to have their voice heard and message seen by the masses. Public relations, also known as PR, is a key management tool for businesses to help achieve its goals and improve its image. A business can also take more control in the ways they are also able to be seen too by others also. This is where this can also be sure to add value too. More and more businesses are now being seen to use these services and make this investment.

You can in turn get awareness by the bucket load

​Since 90% of the population listen to radio every week for more than 20 hours, it’s safe to say that radio is still one of the most significant mass medias in the UK. It is a vital area for Broadcast PR. Radio stations need interesting stories, features and competitions, all of which we can provide through your brand. A PR company can help you communicate your message to millions of people by utilising their expertise, relationships and creativity. This can be done to ensure that an interesting story delivers your message to your audience. The goal of Radio Relations is to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Very quickly, you can expect a great deal more credibility

It really comes down to trust. As a recent study shows, radio is one of the most trusted forms of media in the UK. The nature of how radio is consumed means that listeners build up relationships with the presenters. In turn, broadcast journalists that they listen to. By having a spokesperson on the radio discussing a particular story or by having a presenter discuss your brand on air it builds that trust. Also, the fact that radio is regulated by OfCom means that the editorial is under strict scrutiny.

It’s not possible to be overtly commercial on UK radio without flouting either OfCom guidelines or BBC editorial guidelines. This is why any editorial coverage on radio gives such credibility and also requires expert help in ensuring that the coverage is the right balance of editorial justification and subtle branding. A good Broadcast PR agency will be able to help with this.

It’s a fact – all businesses have a need for PR at some point

Why consider PR? This might be a question that you have been pondering for some time but are still unsure as to whether it’s worth the investment. If you haven’t already, now would be the perfect time to consider planning a PR strategy. Many businesses that haven’t considered how it could fit into their business model. They also aren’t seeking the huge rewards it could bring for the long-term future. While your business can scrape by without PR, it’s unlikely you will gain the attention your company deserves.

Not often looked at – PR services and outreach can help when it comes to disaster management

Although PR is all about conducing a positive image in the public eye, it also helps you come up with a back-up plan when bad publicity comes your way—in some cases, it is inevitable. Being ready with a solid strategy before the catastrophe happens can save a substantial amount of damage when the time comes. There are many instances to be aware of that could damage your business’s reputation. This is from the disclosure of customer and client details to employee disgrace. It can even span lawsuits filed against your corporation.

PR can be seen also as something of a marketing tool

There is a lot of competition to gain exposure in the current day and age, so every opportunity should be attempted to attract new customers and clients. An effective PR strategy could generate important leads. By getting good spots in media outlets, your business will be introduced to a whole new audience that may never have discovered you with your current marketing efforts.

It can even help with your SEO

As your brand is mentioned online more frequently and across a wide variety of websites, the more likely people are to find and visit your site. This also means that as high authority sites link back to your website, your SEO ranking will improve. This has another knock-on effect. As your SEO ranking improves, the number of leads and ultimately sales are likely to increase too.

To measure it, make sure you have some sound and very realistic KPI’s

You may not have set KPIs that you’d like a PR professional or agency to achieve right away, but you may be able to tell them your company goals, objectives and relevant marketing trends. And any good agency will advise as to what is achievable for you. For example ‘we want to increase our website traffic by 20% by 2023’, ‘we are launching a new product and require PR support to drive awareness and generate sales’, ‘we want to become more recognised in this market or industry and generate new customers’. PR is a powerful tool and media coverage tool that will get your product or brand in front of your target audience. It will also potentially be shared wider across social media.

There are some very key points to consider

A business can support PR professionals by providing them with useful information and assets to ensure what is being issued is newsworthy and valuable to the press as this will help to generate more media coverage. This may include high-resolution imagery in cut-out or lifestyle formats. It could also be a key messages document for PR’s to pull important business information from. Or a spokesperson who is media-friendly and likely to be available to provide quotes or talk to the press.

When you can, be reactive

Public relations is fast-paced, and things can change quickly. When it comes to generating media coverage, journalists are busy and work to tight deadlines, and being reactive can work in favour of businesses. PR’s will keep on top of trending stories and will jump at the chance to share a press release. They will also look to share the relevant company and product information with the media if an opportunity becomes available. This may include, for example, a journalist or reporter getting in touch requesting information. Or it may see PR’s spotting a social media trend. It may also involve seeing breaking news that your business could be interested in and comment on.


When investing in public relations, your company’s marketing budget is not everything. It doesn’t always directly relate to how much media coverage can be secured. The benefits of having a larger press office budget will mean you have more to play with. The budget can be invested into the PR strategy. It can also work to help maintain a steady day-to-day press office drumbeat to start pitching your product to the press. If you have more to spend, this can be used to get a great set of images. It can also be used to send press samples, host press shows and events and generate influencer activity. You can also use it to create surveys and research, and much more. These assets will provide useful to build your company’s press office. It can and will also in turn help with the overall presence in the media.

PR is powerful because when it works, it really works. If your product receives press coverage in a feature, product round up or article, the product can sell out as consumers look to purchase it by visiting your company or retailer’s website or call into a physical store. Sell-out products can go on to generate additional coverage opportunities. For example, when your product is back in stock, a media contact or a reporter may look to cover this too.

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