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How Blockchain and NFTs can help marketers with engagement, Branding & identity?

by pallav01

NFTs and blockchain technologies are evolving with each progressive year. And, when it comes to their usability for marketing brands, many are already generating real engagement using these two technologies. In fact, marketers tend to actively seek out better technologies and strategies to thrive in the competitive industry. Hence their increasing interest in blockchain and NFTs is not surprising. According to the NFT expert, blockchain and non-fungible tokens together an exceptional power brands in multiple profiting ways. However, only by taking the best blockchain courses, you’ll be able to discover the vast potential of blockchain technology across various industries, including marketing. 

But, if you want to explore an overview of the utility of NFTs and blockchain technology in marketing, then this article shares all the essential details you need to know. So let us begin with our topic. 

Table of contents

  • Roles of blockchain and NFTs in the establishment of brand identity
  • Increase in brand engagement
  • Provides seamless customer experience
  • Examples of branding and marketing with NFT and blockchain technology
  • Closing Thoughts

Roles of blockchain and NFTs in the establishment of brand identity

Today having an online identity has become of utmost importance for marketers. In this scenario, the social media handles of a brand play a critical role in its online identity establishment. As per the NFT expert, non-fungible tokens will add similar value to the brand in future as social media does. Furthermore, NFT and blockchain go hand in hand as NFT operates over blockchain technology. Here brands can create non-fungible tokens that can express their identity to their audience as well as solidify their social commitments. In fact, many brands are already rewarding, gifting and even selling these NFTs to their followers and fans. 

Furthermore, due to blockchain technology, NFTs are able to contain immutable digital signatures of their original creators. Hence, it displays the credibility and the true value of any NFT. 

So we can say that NFTs are going to be the best way to build a digital identity for brands. And due to their uniqueness, it is evident that more users will invest in them. Further, if you want to understand the role of blockchain technology in non-fungible tokens, then we advise you to take up any good online blockchain course

Increase in brand engagement

Although there is no predefined rule on how brands can use NFTs, treating it similar to how brands use social media for increasing engagement will be helpful. Furthermore, non-fungible tokens provide a canvas to marketers where they can explore their creative potential. Hence each brand can optimize NFTs in their unique way to drive maximum engagement and set up new trends. 

In fact, as per the NFT expert, these digital tokens are one of the powerful tools for brand engagement. Due to the underlying blockchain technology in non-fungible tokens, they connect customers directly to the brands. Plus, the facility of smart contracts that NFT embed within themselves completely eradicates the need for intermediaries.

Aside from this, both technologies also potentially convert consumers to investors. For example, NFTs enable buyers to own a portion of the original art piece in digital form, which they can trade with other buyers and gain profits. Due to this kind of monetary advantage, attracting buyers or investors for NFT is much easier. 

Furthermore, the exclusivity of these two technologies offers users satisfying experiences and services, further increasing engagement and brand loyalty. If you want to learn more about NFT trading, then we advise you to consider taking NFT certification from a reliable resource.

Provides seamless customer experience

Both these technologies make up a perfect solution to provide a fulfilling customer experience.  Earlier it was pretty hard for people to enter into the NFT trading with no tech knowledge. This is because the listing, selling and purchasing of these tokens take place through cryptocurrencies on blockchain platforms. Hence, it is obvious that a user must at least know how to create and utilize their crypto-wallet. However, companies are now putting user experience as their top priority, which is making this entire process smoother. 

Today there are mobile applications to provide a better user experience to people without needing them to acquire in and outs of the blockchain or NFTs. In fact, these applications enable users to buy, distribute or create NFTs without needing to be an NFT expert themselves.  Also, we can find many platforms that offer businesses and brands to create and deal with their NFTs to perform all kinds of their marketing objectives. Hence, it becomes absolutely simple for brand leaders to offer a seamless and unified NFT experience for their consumers. However, if you want to leverage NFTs in the best way possible, then having an NFT certification will be useful. 

Examples of branding and marketing with NFT and blockchain technology

One of the popular examples here is Coca-Cola’s NFT art sale that was a big source of donations for enabling the special Olympics. Also, Mattel’s digital 3D model sale campaign featuring their hot wheels also makes up a great example. 

Furthermore, the remarkably quick sales of Taco-themed NFTs by Taco bell also shows the popularity of these tokens. Blockchain technology plays an important role in making all these sales and purchases possible by keeping a digital record of each transaction. Due to the traceability of blockchain technology, users can track information about the previous users of a particular NFT. Hence, it allows buyers to verify the originality of a digital NFT asset. To learn more on this, opt for an online blockchain course

Closing Thoughts

NFTs and blockchain technology are futuristic approaches to brand engaging with their customers. We can say that early adopters of NFTs will potentially lead the new marketing and branding generation. Moreover, the entry fee to leverage this advancement is quite low, diminishing all the reasons not to try out this new approach for branding. 

Aside from a combined approach, blockchain technology has also been making its individual impact across industries—for example, the availability of blockchain forensics. 

To learn more about blockchain and NFTs, check out the BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL.

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