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How Athena EMR Help You Improve Clinical Workflows & 7 Best ENT Software

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Here's How Athena EMR Help You Improve Clinical Workflows & 7 Best ENT Software

Athenahealth offers a comprehensive range of products to improve operational efficiency and patient care quality. Athenahealth fulfills the fundamental requirements of healthcare practitioners to assure practices’ success. Overall, the software improves your clinical productivity, allowing you to deliver better care to your patients. 

About Athena EMR

Athenahealth offers specialty-specific EMR software for practices of all sizes. Athena electronic medical records are one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective EMR software options for healthcare setups. This EMR is also well-known for quickly handling administrative and financial chores. 

Athena takes care of various administrative and organizational duties that would otherwise get in the way of providing high-quality care to your patients. Athenahealth helps healthcare facilities deliver accurate information with less distraction by offering a wide range of products and features. The top advantages of Athena electronic medical records that help you improve clinical workflow are as follows.

Integrated Software

Many EHR software is inefficient when it comes to transferring patient data. You can simply share patient data with various healthcare platforms using Athenahealth electronic medical records to improve patient care.

Many other services are linked with Athenahealth EHR Software to help you improve your healthcare facility. Medical billing and medical reference software, such as Epocrates, are examples of integrated features that allow you to streamline your workflow. 

User-friendly Patient Portal

According to the Athena electronic medical records reviews, the patient portal helps your patients in many ways. Patients can access their medical records, make appointments, sign paperwork, and pay bills using the Athenahealth patient portal. They can also easily update information about their current prescriptions, allergies, and preferred pharmacy. 

Patients are also notified and reminded about upcoming visits and lab test results via the patient portal. Any changes to a patient’s information made through the portal are saved in the EMR automatically. 

Improved Clinical Documentation

One of the most valuable features of Athenahealth is that it speeds up the documentation process. It processes paper documents and automatically sends them to the EMR system, thus improving your workflow and giving you more time to deliver patient care.

Efficient Clinical Charting

The charting tool in Athenahealth EHR Software allows you to get extensive information about individual patients. It enables you to save data by using text, templates, or voice recording tools. Specialty-specific templates for your practice are also available through Athenahealth electronic medical records.

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment scheduling feature offered by Athenahealth EMR maximizes your clinical workflow as you don’t have to schedule patients manually. The patients can schedule appointments through the patient portal themselves. With online patient check-in and automatic reminders, the number of no-shows is also dramatically reduced.

Remote Access

The Athena electronic medical records reviews suggest that the users applaud this feature. As a busy healthcare professional, Athenahealth gives you the freedom to work even when you’re not in the office. You can use the Athenahealth EHR to send out notifications and engage with your patients online. 

Telehealth Service

Athenahealth also offers a telehealth feature that is much needed, especially during times of a Pandemic. Telehealth is an excellent alternative to an in-person consultation. It allows you to provide remote care services to your patients from any location. The patients can also receive appropriate care within the comfort of their homes.

What Makes Athenahealth the Best Choice?

The Athenahealth electronic medical records is a low-cost EMR system for your healthcare facility. It is suitable for all practice sizes, especially small and independent practices that are low on budget. Athenahealth, unlike other EMRs in the market, has no hidden fees or upgrade expenses.

What Do Users Say About Athena EMR?

More than 160,000 providers use Athenahealth to improve their workflow. Most of the healthcare providers who benefit from Athenahealth EMR are satisfied with the software. They have also reviewed the software on multiple websites. 

According to most users, the software is tailored to different specialties, making it more efficient. The users also praise Athena’s electronic medical records for effectively managing clinical documentation and organizing patient data. 

Our Two Bits about Athenahealth EMR

Athenahealth is a cloud-based EMR software that includes Practice Management Software, a Patient Portal, and a Medical Billing solution. The Athenahealth EMR has a wide range of features that help clinical providers streamline their daily workflows. The EMR software enables you to maximize your clinical efficiency. 

The software is appropriate for you regardless of your practice size as Athenahealth caters to every practice size. Last but not least, we suggest you schedule an Athenahealth demo as the demo gives a clear picture of the software in an actual setting. We hope that the demo will help you make an informed decision.


The modern EMR software of today features an advanced suite of tools that augment clinical, financial, and operational efficiencies. 

This review analyzes the best ENT EMR systems that money can buy. Keep on reading to know more about them. 

Athenahealth EMR


  • Athenahealth offers an interactive patient portal that maximizes patient convenience and engagement. Patients can schedule appointments online. They can also view their medical records, request prescription refills, communicate with doctors, and update their personal information. 
  • The telehealth tool enables otolaryngologists to provide virtual consultations to patients who are unable to visit a hospital/clinic. The athenaOne mobile app enables users to operate all the tools offered by the EHR on their portable mobile devices. 


Athenahealth EMR has a starting price of $140 per month per provider. 

eClinicalWorks EMR 


  • Eva is the virtual assistant offered by eClinicalWorks. Eva can be used to schedule appointments, access medical records, retrieve educational content, and compare progress notes. 
  • The Healow app is a health and lifestyle monitoring tool that connects to patients’ personal devices. Medical data, like weight and blood pressure, is shared with doctors for effective management of health. 


The cost of eClinicalWorks EMR is $449 per month. A free conversion is offered to those ENT practices who want to switch to eClinicalWorks. 



  • NueMD offers solutions that are explicitly designed for the requirements of otolaryngologists. 
  • Another promising feature is that of e-prescribing. ENT specialists can share prescriptions with patient’s prescribed pharmacies. In case of any adverse drug interactions and allergies, doctors would be timely alerted. Doctors can also enlist their most commonly prescribed pills to save time in the future.  


The starting price for NueMD is $99 per user. A free demo is also waiting for you.

NextGen EMR


  • NextGen EMR enables doctors to document notes faster through its talk, type, and touch features. The speech recognition tool converts words spoken into text that appears on the screen. 
  • This feature, along with the EMR system, is HIPAA compliant, so users do not have to worry about losing information in security breaches. 


This EMR system is available at a price of $379 per month per provider. 

Nextech EMR


  • Nextech EMR acts as a business intelligence software that features customized reports. These reports consolidate information as required by doctors and then graphically represent them for better analysis. 
  • Templates designed specifically for ENT are provided to doctors. The intuitive software auto-generates notes as observed historically. 


Nextech EMR has not displayed an exact price on its website. 

Praxis EMR


  • Unlike its counterparts, Praxis EMR offers a no-template design. It features an artificial intelligence engine, namely Concept Processing, that understands how a practice operates and then adapts itself to it. 
  • The Kiosk tool enables patients to fill in check-in forms prior to appointments. This reduces waiting times and creates a more extensive clientele for its users. 


Potential clients can purchase Praxis EMR for $219 per month per practitioner. A free demo is also available for their convenience. 

DrChrono EHR


  • The latter can provide their requirements regarding clinical forms, which are considered and subsequently developed by the skilled team at DrChrono
  • Powerful image management tools enable users to draw freely and write notes on diagnostic images. 


DrChrono EHR offers four different price plans, Hippocrates, Prometheus, Apollo, and Apollo-Plus, to cater to different budgets. These bundles range from $50 to $500 per month per provider. 

Which ENT EMR Should I Opt For? 

Medical practices, including those that deal with otolaryngology, require medical software that will streamline workflows and create strong ties with patients. This review discussed the best ENT EMR systems in the industry. Make the final decision by comparing your list of requirements with the software’s offerings. Where possible, try out the free trials for a more reinforced understanding of what a system entail

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