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Google Announces AI Search Updates – Analysis

by josharg
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The Google Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT is a machine learning algorithm-related natural language processing method. Its application in Search Engine Optimization or SEO is numerous as BERT can help index passages used as web content in your company’s website. 

This can significantly impact your company’s website in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. The recent BERT updates have shown that the content’s algorithm-based evaluation can impact the searches by nearly seven percent. In other words, when you develop the content for your company’s website, it is necessary to keep in mind the BERT updates and develop the content accordingly. 

The search engine should identify the content that has been incorporated in your company’s website quickly, and only then will it receive a higher ranking in the SERPs. If you follow the BERT updates and follow the SEO protocols, you will develop content that is easily identifiable by web crawlers. Subsequently, this will attract more web traffic and improve your company’s website’s ranking even further. Some of the essential features of the Google AI search are as follows:

  1. AI to identify misspelled word

Earlier, Google did not have any protocol to identify misspelled words which often led to visitors being led to websites that they were not in search of. But with the help of AI-powered Google searches, natural language translation has become more accessible. 

As a result, even if the user types in a wrong word, the search engine can quickly identify the error and rectify it. While developing the content for your company’s website, it is essential to remember this aspect. Your website’s content should be free of any error, as the AI will flag off this as inappropriate content unless it is necessary for your website. 

This BERT model can help you evaluate the type of search strings that a user might type in the search bar to find an appropriate website. This can also give you an idea of the type of content you can develop for your website. The misspelling is often intentional on the user’s part when he is unsure of the exact term or the exact item. In this case, AI can help direct the user to the correct website by identifying the correct keyword.

  1. Broad-based queries

With the help of AI based searches, broad-based queries can be resolved much quicker. The latest update from Google is that the objective of SEO-based content is to evaluate user intent. It is necessary to evaluate what the visitor is looking for and accordingly display the websites. 

When doing so, broad-based queries can prove to be helpful. For example, if a person is looking for ‘home décor items,’ it can mean numerous things. The objective of broad-based queries is to check for relevant websites starting from eCommerce portals to websites that can help users make home décor items. 

Thus, the AI-based search will have to evaluate the user’s intent to purchase such items or make these. But the display pages will be diverse, catering to both of these requirements, and as the visitor scrolls down, his intent and requirements will become easier to understand. The AI-based search will become more accessible, and only the relevant pages will be displayed. Thus, the resolution of broad-based queries is the next update provided by Google AI.

  1. Video search will get precedence.

As per the Google AI-based search updates, video searches have become important. There is a change in the manner in which the searches are conducted. The video searches are also evaluated on the AI-based searches, and relevant websites are displayed. 

Therefore, when you develop a website and add videos to the web content, it is vital to carry out the proper necessary description with the AI-based algorithms to identify the relevant content. This makes it easier for the search engine web crawlers to find the relevant videos associated with the searches. 

Evaluating Google’s AI search updates thus becomes necessary while developing SEO-based content for websites.  When you provide videos with the content on your website, it is crucial to provide section by section information to make the videos relevant and understandable to the search engines.

Thus, the Google AI search updates have made it easier to develop relevant content for the website. The data sets organized by Google AI make it easier for the visitor and web crawler to identify the relevant websites. 

Additionally, with the updates, you can organize the content in your company’s website so that your company’s website can be identified quickly and your company’s website receives a higher ranking in the SERPs Therefore, evaluating the Google search AI updates while developing the SEO-based content for your company’s website is essential if you want it to receive a higher ranking in the search engine landing pages.

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