Emperor sure sounds like a big word, but there is no denying the fact that every business in every industry has a ranking. Some are giants and some are much smaller in size. When any entrepreneur starts his or her own business in Indonesia , they all dream of being the biggest, baddest wolf in the market that no one else can hold a candle to. With the help of the Gojek clone app, you can do just that in the world of on demand services. 

The on demand services industry has been struggling a lot in terms of generating revenues over the past decade. This could partially be because of the customer centric market behaviour these days or even because of the way it has been structured. However, with the introduction of the Gojek clone app over the past decade, the entire scene has changed. 

The Gojek clone app has provided means in a void. It has allowed service providers to break the shackles of employment in the form of a predatory employer and employee relationship and harnessed all the potential of the sector with the help of a symbiotic revenue sharing model. 

The revenue sharing model that the Gojek clone app uses works by allowing every local service provider to work as an independent and exclusive entrepreneur who can utilise the digital framework of the app to reach out to larger masses and thereby make more money. 

Instead of purchasing their own app, the Gojek clone app acts as a node or a nucleus that multiple service providers can attach to and sell their services. This works simply by downloading and registering into the application. Therefore, the app owner can make money off of the income of the service provider as well. 

This means that every time someone uses the app to hire a service provider, book a taxi or order from a restaurant, the app owner stands to make a commission. The amount that the app owner earns is entirely up to him or her. They can simply go to the admin panel and set a different percentage of commission for all of their services and the app automatically deducts it from the charges levied by the service provider for you. 


Now, the first thing that we have to understand for a business like the Gojek clone app is that it is an extremely complex matrix of multiple services all tied up into one. This means that just with the help of a single app, you are now capable of helping users access the potential of over 70 different services. 

Once you know this, it is easy to put it in context of profitability and see that what you were earning just by one service is automatically multiplied by 70. So, instead of making money from one source, the app allows you as the app owner to earn 70 times as much. 


A business is a dream. But unlike dreams that come without any catch, businesses usually come with an upper limit on expense. But who says it is wrong to dream big with a small pocket? The Gojek clone app is sold in the market as a ready made off the shelf solution. 

This means that you can make a one time investment on a ready made app and continue to earn profits in perpetuity. The one thing that all entrepreneurs should be careful of is to make sure that they only invest in an app that is built by a white labelled on demand mobile app Development Company.

White labelling is the process using which the development team can set your app up with your logo, brand name and other custom features that are practical for your start your business in Indonesia . For example if you are launching your business in Indonesia where English is not spoken, you can get your choice of local currency and your choice of local language integrated in your app. 


The market is in dire need for single app based solutions. As more and more users are migrating towards an app that can cater to all their requirements, it is evident that the Gojek clone app is the best solution for now. 

The pandemic too has explained the importance of on demand services to people all over the world. While many countries already have a variation of this app, entering this industry right now with a powerful and feature rich application could pave the way for you to truly become an emperor in this field. 

So, don’t waste your time wondering what you should do and get on the bandwagon of the Gojek clone app. invest wisely after testing your app thoroughly before you buy it and you should be on your way to success in no time. 


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