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For Sale by Owner – Pros and Cons of Selling FSBO

by ElisaFrag125

Hiring a real estate agent is an ideal way to sell your house fast. With their expertise, they help you understand the market norms and trends. However, some sellers, not many, prefer listing the property themselves via the “for sale by owner” process. For an FSBO home, the seller communicates directly with the buyer’s agent, thus avoiding the agent’s commission fees. Alongside making or breaking a deal, the onus of listing and marketing also remains on the seller, as no selling agent is involved in the process.

The concept of FSBO may sound appealing since it can save you thousands. We buy ugly houses tulsa Yet, it has its fair share of cons which may turnoff some home-sellers permanently. Certain concerns are essential to address, or else, you as a seller may end up losing more bucks than you intended to save. Below, we’ve listed out the major pros and cons of a house for sale byowner:

Pros of For Sale by Owner

·Cut Back on Commission Fees

Avoiding the agent’s commission fees is the primary reason for sellers to go the FSBO way. The commission is essentially a percentage of the property’s sale price, which may vary but isn’t typically less than 2%. A traditional home selling may cost you an additional 6% on average to satisfy both the agents.

On the contrary, selling the home by yourself saves you the 3% (on average) that accounts for your agent’s fees. Evidently, thousands or even tens of thousands can be saved, depending on the worth of your property.

·Dedication and Control

As an owner of the property, FSBO lets you gain complete control over the selling process. You don’t have to go through the agent’s constant interruptions and you can customize the sale procedure by yourself. Additionally, agents are usually engaged with multiple clients at a time. Therefore, no matter how smart, savvy, and qualified an agent is, he or she can’t devote as much attention and dedication as you do.

·Valuable Experience

Accomplishing the home-selling task means you have successfully braved through all the challenges and hassles involved in the process. The valuable insights you get into the real estate sector are unmatchable. Sure, the process is daunting enough to turn some sellers off. But the experience you gain from this exciting joyride can turn productive in the property management niche in the future.

Cons of For Sale by Owner

·Unrealistic Pricing

Everyone loves and adores his or her house as an owner, and so do you. Amidst all this affection combined with the lack of a competent realtor, you may set an unrealistic price to appease your emotions. So much so that you may even refuse to negotiate on it.

Bear in mind that a high price tag turns detrimental to your home-selling dream and may even isolate your house in the market. Therefore, even if you’re opting for FSBO, keep your emotions in check and be sure to hire a qualified appraiser for the true valuation of the property.

·No Effective Marketing

Real estate agents and brokers are far more well-equipped with marketing strategies than a typical home seller. They usually have a broad network of marketing professionals and are familiar with the latest online marketing tools. There are multiple DIY marketing ideas for sure. Yet, without the services of a realtor, you might not be able to promote your house in a competitive neighbourhood.

·Lack of Real Estate Market Knowledge

The local real estate market holds substantial importance in property selling. A real estate agent provides thorough insights into market trends. He or she has full command of whether the trends depict a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. As an FSBO seller, you might have to hire the services of a professional to properly navigate through the market’s volatility and to help you sell your house fast.


We Buy Houses Tulsa is a home for sale by an owner that comes with multiple benefits but plenty of undeniable risks as well. Accomplishing the FSBO venture means you have successfully braved through all the challenges and hassles involved. However, the cons clearly outweigh the pros; hence, the idea doesn’t quite seem viable enough for first-time sellers.

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