Foolproof Crazy Logo Designing Tips


Logos are one important part of the brand; they serve your brand identity and make sure your audience knows about you. While you are designing your logo there are a few aspects that you must not ignore, you ignore them and you put your brand in jeopardy. That is not how it works, there is a certain criterion that one should follow in order to have a creative yet authentic brand identity. The key to have an innovative and attractive logo is to think of the logo design that can attract your customers. Your logo must be deeply etched in your customer’s mind that it makes them think about your brand.

However, designing a cool yet attractive logo design is not a piece of the cake. It is one hectic job which is one long process and the first step of the overall process is brainstorming. Brainstorming is no walk in the park, you need to nudge your brain and think of something so out of the box to make a place in the head of your customers. A little heads up- it’s not easy, you will find yourself in the deep agony trying to bring something really creative in the market. The best way to deal with your creative block is to give yourself a rest, a busy mind cannot give you anything fruitful. It must be relaxed in order to come up with something that no one has thought of before.

If you are looking for any such designer, see no more, Ingenious Gurus’ gurus are at the top in this game. They study the brand first and then think of the idea that is trendy yet simple and explains the brand smartly.

Following are some fool proof ideas to come up with the next level logo idea.

Write it down

The worst thing that you can do with your idea is to think you will remember it and do not write it anywhere. You are making a huge mistake, once you do that, you are in deep trouble. Make sure the moment the idea hits you, jot it down, on paper, in your phone, on your arms OR ANYWHERE. Just document it, because once you are out of that zone trust me you will not remember anything about it and that would be pretty tragic then. Even if you think you idea is stupid and ridiculous, its alright, you just write it down somewhere.

Do not hold back

No matter how stupid you think your ideas, shoot it to someone. Do not hold it back. Brainstorms are not the time to censor yourself. It’s the time to get everything out of your head and tell the world about it. It may be ridiculous in your head, but it could be a total hit once your idea is executed. Do not underestimate the value of your idea, make sure you are keeping other people in loop as well.

Check the timings

It is no rocket science trust me; you brainstorm creative ideas when you are at the top of your creative peak. It could be any time of the day, an hour right after your dinner, while you are on your morning jog or maybe when you are in bed just about to sleep. Whenever you think your mind works the best is the perfect time to schedule your brainstorming session. Trust me there is nothing better than having a particular timing to brainstorm. You may not have noticed it yet, but some people think better when they are on their toilet seat, it might be your case too. Next time when you are there, try to be creative and you might also discover the right idea for the logo. In general, the worst time to brainstorm is to think of the idea while you are in a food coma.

Simmer your ideas

When you have prepared the whole logo list, it’s time you percolate them for some time. Give it a rest, do not think about it much and do not even look at it for at least 24 hours. Trust me, next time when you see them you would be amazed to see how different and better, they would look, you can also make some changes when you see them with your fresh eyes.

Go for the right font and colors

Your colors can make and break your logo, make sure you are going for the hues that resonate with your brand. Every color has the meaning behind it, you must go for the colors that explain your brand. Color is so important, and your inspiration board will likely have a few colors that reign supreme. It’s important you give a particular attention to this feature as it has a lot of influence on your audience. Colors can trigger crazy actions, features and emotions.

Looking to add some trust factor? Go with the blue color. Want your audience to perceive you as someone sophisticated, there is no better option than gray or black.


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