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Among all social media applications, the messaging app has become the most needed app. People use chatting apps not just to communicate with friends and relatives but are increasingly using the apps to enhance their business as well.

These apps today have become a key method of communication with others. Let us discuss the features. The best part is that the messaging apps are more popular than ever and their users are constantly rising all over the world.

By using online platforms the users chat all over the world. Having conversations with our loved ones through messages has become a part of our daily lives. The WhatsApp clone app not only allows the user to chat through text messages but also by voice messages, voice calls, and video calls.

Statistics That Helps To Predict the Future Growth:

According to reports, the number of people accessing the messaging application as of October 2020 is two billion every month, and it is one of the most popular social apps worldwide. The messaging application attracts users to sharing information which will keep its overall growth high.

There will be an increase in revenue in 2025, as everyone will be having smartphones. The average revenue from a user is expected to be 15 billion USD by 2020 and it will have great growth in revenue.

The above-mentioned statistics clearly show that there will be definite growth by 2025, so entrepreneurs can close their eyes and purchase a messaging clone application for generating revenue.

WhatsApp-Unique From Other Messaging Apps

WhatsApp provided the users with access to use different devices for the first time, whereas other apps were only supported on PC. Also, WhatsApp provided sharing of photos, videos, and documents free of cost. The features which made WhatsApp clone outstanding are explained below.

Essential Features Required For Effective Functioning Of Messaging Application:

Personalized Chat:

Without the interaction of a third person, the private chat enables the user to interact with other users. The users can receive messages in the form of images, files, videos, and PDFs from other users. The private chat is very safe to maintain usage with privacy.

Group Chat:

The group chat enables the users to interact with a group of people using the group chat option. The group can contain numerous admins. The group chat allows multiple people to interact in the group which will be viewed by all the members of the group.

Media Sharing:

The media transfer feature in the messaging clone application allows the user to share photos, videos, docs, locations, and even contacts. By picking photos from the gallery or by using the inbuilt camera option in the application the photos can be shared through the application with others. The quality of the image can be selected by the user While sharing photos.

Star Messages:

The users can select a certain message which they think is important and mark it as starred, which will help them to open it again without missing it in case of emergency. This reduces the workload of searching for a few messages.

Video/Audio Call:

The audio call feature helps the user to save their money as they can speak to their close ones all around the world without any cost. The messaging application uses mobile data or Wi-Fi connections for making calls.

The video call enables the user to connect with friends virtually and it is applicable all over the world but the requirement for accessing the video call is by getting high-speed internet. The user can contact only the members that are saved on the mobile.

Features That Increase Quality Of the Messaging App:

Stickers and GIFs:

The stickers and GIFs help the users to make the chat funnier and interactive, the application provides in-built stickers and GIFs the user can also mark their favorite stickers in the favorite option.

Join and Exit Groups:

The user will have the access to join and exit the group, and the person who is willing to join us in a group will invite the user. The user can accept the invitation or else reject it as their wish.

Block and Report Users:

The user can block or report users, this helps the users to use the application with security. The users can block unwanted people who are disturbing them.

Share Contacts and Location:

The contacts and location sharing helps the users to share contacts or locations with the other users, the location-sharing is used to find the location of the users easily by using GPS.

Post Status:

The status option enables the user to post images, links, and texts that will be visible to the contacts. The privacy setting enables the user to decide who can view their status and who must not view the posted status.

The status will be visible for 24 hours to the users who are in the contact list from the time of posting. The user can monitor the number of views and the other users who view the status can comment on your status. If the user wants to delete the post before the end of 24 hours, they can delete the status.

Wrapping Up:

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for the development of the best WhatsApp clone, then select a reputed company that provides a messaging app clone with advanced features as mentioned in the blog. Which will construct the best in the market for sure. 

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